• The Captain,

    I would like to ask if you would please help me. I have spoke to others and get different answers or just don't understand them. I have been dating my boyfriend for almost 2 yrs and we plan to get married but "something" isn't right and I don't know what it is. Is he cheating ,bored, unhappy?

    I'm so jealous and can't tell if this is my problem or his. Most of the time we get along very good but when we do fight.....oh my gosh you would think that I had attacked him! He 's screaming so badly and totally out of control (although that kind of behavior rattles me to my core) that I can't even talk. I feel like Ive never loved anyone until him so what's wrong with me or him? My DOB 1-6-61 and his is 5-6-60 and Thank you

  • Earthgirl, this relationship is likely to create a somewhat private domain, withdrawn from the scrutiny of the world - perhaps literally so, in an isolated, even secret location. Few are admitted to this close bond, whether as observers or third-party participants. Love is intensely personal here. The two of you view your relationship less as a social unit than as a haven, and when together, you will rarely place yourselves in the company of others. Two earthy signs should be able to establish an easy and down-to-earth familiarity. Your partner is perfectly suited to provide the financial security you crave. Yet given the relationship's introverted orientation, intimacy and the exploration of your inner lives are priorities here. Both of you may lead quite active and normal worldly lives by yourselves, but when you are together, your relationship has a way of shutting out external noise and distractions. Marriage here will value a getaway or vacation place in a beautiful, natural setting, guaranteeing rest and relaxation for a period of time each year. One danger is that self-imposed isolation can have a somewhat harmful effect on your children, particularly if this attitude persists at home.

    An indication of the security and health of your relationship will be if you two can allow other people to share their joys and sorrows with you. If you become too exclusive with each other, you may become fully cut off from other people and that would be harmful and stagnating. Above all, incipient feelings of fear, xenophobia, or in extreme cases, paranoia should be nipped in the bud whenever they rear their ugly heads.

    You Earthgirl can be the dominant partner in a relationship, even if it is subtly, and while a Taurean can tolerate a certain amount of bossiness, he will rebel if you push him too hard. Let him participate equally in decision-making and the relationship in general. Don't call all the shots or he will pull away. Capricorns do have an insecure side and jealousy, selfishness, pettiness and self-centered attitudes can chase away a partner. So rein your emotions in and don't get paranoid. Trust is so important in a relationship and it is vital to a Taurean - if this man thinks you don't trust him, he will find someone else who will. Your BF needs a positive partner and a calm environment to relax in in order to be happy, so be careful of your tendency to interpret every new thing or change as bad news. Any trace of possessiveness or cloying behaviour will definitely repel him.

    Pour your whole heart into this relationship and you will reap the rewards. Genuinely caring for your partner and being sexually honest with him will make you rich in ways that are more important than any material security or economic independence. Let go of any emotional jealousy or enslavement to poverty consciousness, and just love him. Sometimes he feels you don''t appreciate him and that's important to him as he can get very disillusioned with everyone and everything at times. And you can bring him down-to-earth when his dreams get too big and unrealistic. He needs to feel he is making a difference in the world and in somebody's life, so take the time to tell him what good things he does for you. Your partner also can have trouble putting down roots anywhere long enough to manifest his dreams so help him to set tangible goals and stick to them. Love may never be your partner's top priority, since his whole ego system is tied up in his work and in being appreciated for his efforts. So try to involve yourself in his work in some way, by getting interested in it and asking him about it and by showing your support for him when he feels neglected or ignored by the world. Believe me, you will be glad you did!

  • TheCaptain,

    Thank you and just for the heck of it, if you could please share some info with me. I am a home-health aide for a 88 yr old lady and she has a dog that seems to be very afraid of the guest room in her home and will not go in there and if I do then he(the dog) will go hide and look oddly at me until I let him know it's me(sweet talk to him). I would like to know why. Also I feel she will not be with us much longer and was wondering if I should continue what I 'm doing or maybe with an agency or something different. I have been working privately for her. In case you need her DOB 5/23/23. Can you put a dreaded question to rest? Does my 18 yr old son have bi-polar like his father? Thank you very much for any info. earthgirl

  • There is a lingering spirit in the guest room a rather grumpy negative old man who refuses to move on because he was very skeptical and inflexible in life. Did the old lady's husband or a family member pass in that house? Try to talk to him and convince him that in the light is a far better place for him and that he will find happiness there.

    Yes, your old lady will pass soon and just needs to be made comfortable and to feel she is not alone.

    Yes I feel your son does have bi-polar, but not as bad as his dad, - his condition is easily treatable (but it must be addressed).

  • Thank you again Captain you are so awesome!

    No her husband died many years ago and she bought the home about 10 yrs ago. But rumor was someone-a teenager maybe killed somebody, just not sure though.

    Is there a certain direction work wise I should go after her passing?

    My son, I think is in denial with this because of his father and it's so hard to know what and how and when to talk to him about this because of the "highs and lows" he experiences.

    I 'm really worried about the decisions he makes.

    My brother passed away 4 almost 5 yrs ago, my father passed 2 yrs ago, and my sister just passed 11/11/11, are they okay and happy and did my sister know I was there for her and how much I love her?

    Okay here I going to die young also? My only sibling left and oldest is sick and of course I'm worried!

    Also is there any thing I need to know about my mother?

    I know you have many more things to worry about and I DO appreciate your time and thank you very much.

  • I feel you need to take a break from looking after the old and sick - a fresh start to restore your energy and emotions.

    Strangely your sister found it simple to pass beyond the earth plane - she was able to disconnect herself quite easily from everything. Yes she knows you love her now, although she didn't always feel it when alive. Your brother and father are still around watching out for you all, due to their worries about their families.

    The length of your life has nothing to do with the other members of your family, just how long it takes you to do what you came to do or learn. It's the quality of your life that counts, not the quantity. I feel you have many more years to live, so make each moment count. Do what makes you happy.

    Was there anything in particular you wanted to know about your mother?

  • There are so many things about my mother I want to know and don't have a clue where to start so I guess what ever you feel I should know that's important now.

    As far as job wise, I'm not skilled or very educated and I used to work at schools but I'm not sure about that either . And I 'm worried I won't be able to pay the bills if I don't get started or at least know what type of job to see about.

    Is my sister also around and is she angry with her husband?

  • What I feel about your mother is that she always loved you - she just had trouble expressing it.

    As I said before, your sister has cut her ties with the earth - and has left behind any bad feelings she may have had towards anyone - and has moved on. She is happy now and bears no ill will.

    This new year for you may see you again caring for others (perhaps nursing them), as it is a very service-oriented and humanitarian year for you. You will be called on to give your strength and precision to others, but you will be well rewarded in return. But instead of older people, you should perhaps consider younger patients who may need your help. You need to surround yourself with a fresher, newer energy and working with children could be just what you - and they - need. Healing is a strong career path for you, since you have such compassion for others and get on well with co-workers and patients. You also could have a career in writing or acting or speaking, as a good imagination is one of your assets. Your strong analytical abilities and supportive energies would make you a good business adviser or entrepreneur. Some form of planning or politics to help improve the world is your forte. Craftsperson, dietician, accountant, organizer, and psychologist are other good professions for you.

    You will fit into almost any area or occupation if it suits your values and sense of meaning. The key for you is to cut through the 'should do's and ideals, and rediscover what you really feel and enjoy. Your finances depend on how practical rather than idealistic your are, and whether you're willing to go through the step-by-step process and preparation necessary to reach your goals. While you search for the most ideal work for you, don't give up your 'day job' which provides the foundation and security that can enable you to move on to something that suits you better. You can get stuck in a kind of victim consciousness where you feel that you aren't strong or capable enough to pull yourself out of a rut or hole or fate - but that is just a way of thinking that can be changed, not an absolute truth or finality. Don't get so stuck in your desire for security that you give up on your hopes and dreams!

    Good luck to you - I really wish you the best for this new year. Make it your happiest one yet.

  • Hi Captain,

    Can you tell me if the old spirit left the guest room yet? I tried today but I'm not sure if I succeeded.

    I have had an awful time with menopause, can you tell me if it will end soon? I don't know if that's the reason for my health problems but what ever you could share about it would be nice. My joints hurt ,my back can be really bad at times and I am always tired and don't want to do anything!

    Also I saw a doctor who thought I had celiac disease because I have always had stomach issues, do I?

    And lastly, why does my little dog bark almost every night, off and on through out the night?

    Thank you and hope you're having an awesome New Year!


  • I feel the old man may be gone, but might come back as he is not used to change. Keep talking to him and persuading him to move into the light, if he returns. Ask him to listen to his angel guides. Your dog will let you know if the spirit has left for good. And he barks because he is lonely at night and wants (awake) company. He is a very social type of animal.

    No, I feel it is not menopause or anything physical (as such) that is causing your trouble but your body fighting the changes that the world and every human being is experiencing at the moment. The less you fight and the more you accept that the new energy coming to earth is for the good of all, the more your aches and pains will vanish. Your body (especially your stomach, back and jaw) is actually being held in tight tension and stress mode against the new energy, so any relaxation you can do like meditation or physical exercise will help greatly.

  • Hi Captain

    Sorry to bother you but I need help again please? Is my boyfriend talking to his ex-wife again and is it about them getting back together or what exactly?

    I have always felt like he wants her back. In case you need it her name is Debra or Debbie and was his last wife.

    Thank you for any help again.


  • I feel like she is in trouble and is turning to him for help, as she used to do when they were married. But I also feel she has more attachment left for him than he has to her. It's more concern for her welfare than deep love that he feels. She has a way of making him feel manly and needed. But you have to get your paranoia in control or it will wreck your relationship. If your BF feels you don't trust him, he may just feel like proving you right.

  • How do I get this under control Captain? Does he truly ,deeply love me? So is he considering going back to her ? Why would he have an feelings for her after what she did to him? Am I too independent ,is that why she makes him feel manly and needed? And do I even need to stay in this relationship because I don't want to have to keep wondering if he wants her back or not. I just want to know where I stand with him in this whole thing we got going.

  • Yes it is partly your independence that makes your partner feel unneeded. but that's how you are - it's not your fault. You do have to pull back on the controlling instincts that is typical for Capricorns however. You have to stop asking yourself the same questions over and over about is he faithful and does he love you - it will just worsen your stress. Instead you have to let go and just enjoy your life with him. Even if you leave this relationship for another, you will take the same issues and fears with you. You have to deal with your fears NOW. Leave your partner to sort himself out and just focus on working through all your issues about someone cheating on you or leaving you. It probably goes back to something that made you feel like that in your childhood.

    But the best plan of all is to talk to your partner - sit down and have a heart-to-heart with him and don't be afraid to ask him if he is unhappy in your relationship or what he wants from you and it. Open and honest communication is the cornerstone of any relationship.

  • Today is my birthday and we were supposed to go out, now all of a sudden as of this morning, he tells me he doesn't have any money.

    Did he send her money to help her out and what exactly is it she wants from him?

    I talked to him lastnight and this morning about his needs and wants in our relationship and he says nothing different just what we have.

    So I am at a loss-I know we aren't married or even living together but it feels like he's cheating if he's having anything to do with her. Am I wrong to feel like this? I am wearing a ring and we are supposed to get married this year and I don't know what to do.

    Thank you for being honest and for the info. I've always known just how awful I can be.

  • It's not me you should be asking these questions. If you cannot discuss your relationship honestly with your partner, then your relationship is not strong enough to endure.

    And you are not completely awful - everyone is a mix of good and bad. The difference is whether we work on resolving our weaknesses or not.

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