Insight needed ASAP

  • Hello, I did a Tarot reading for which destination should I travel to within the next 24 hrs.

    Destination A: The Fool and The Wheel of Fortune

    Destination B: The Six of Swords and The Nine of Pentacles

    My interpretation is that either is good, but I prayed for a definitive answer. Does anyone know anything about these combos? Can you see anything that is definitive?

    Please help.

  • I will go with destination A. IT is clearly the best choice- more luck and starting all fresh.

    The second destination is just sort of an escape- running away from problems.

  • Thanks. I feel that is most likely very accurate. More details of options.

    Destination A - is my land in the woods which I may have already neglected my responsibility towards, as I feel, that perhaps God wanted me there more for whatever reason, learning(about nature and/or myself), developing, and preparing. an hour and 45 minutes away.

    Destination B - somewhere I've never been to see someone I haven't seen in 14 years, for what may very well be questionable intentions on both parties, or perhaps just misguided, but maybe not. 10+ hours away.

    Earlier in the week I had decided to go to Destination B, and told "everyone' I was going. Then the day before yesterday, I felt weighed down on by everything. I had thought that I would go because of my interpretations of some of my Astrological influences and other divings.

  • can the person you are going to move towards come towards you? As I said the best for you is Destination A.

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