Shuabby I'm @ a Crossroad, Help

  • Hi Shuabby,

    Can you help me? I am at a crossroad. I don't know where to turn. I want to move and relocate to another state, I also want to go to school. Relocating is something I really want to do, but I don't know where. I have thought about California or Florida. So much has happen to me and I want to start this year knowing where I am heading. I am in total blank. These questions keep on poundering my head, "where to move, what to study, will I find someone". Can you give me some insights on what is headed my way, so I won't miss it and find myself in the wrong road. Like I mention before, I have been through so much in my life that I lost myself. I am a single parent, raising him on my own 100%, I forgot about me. Now I don't know who I am and I am searching within to find some answers but find none. Now that the year is ending, I want to start it with a clear mind. The only thing I thought about was California or Florida and I thought about going to school to be a Travel Agent. What can you tell me? Thank you for taking this time and reading this, I would be so thankful and very happy if you can see anything.

    Happy Holidays

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