So Much to Give!

  • Hi all - Still dealing with a moody Scorpio man. My first Scorpio experience. I am a Cancer, 7/7/76, he is 11/3/80. I am in many ways a true Cancer - nuturing, tender, and will give you the shirt off my back. Intensely loyal and thoughtful. I give until I can't give anymore - I spent some time in a marriage with a stunted and selfish Pisces that sucked me dry until another Pisces came along and made me remember who I am - that Pisces is now my best friend. So now there's a Scorpio that I've connected with. Coming out of a marriage I of course am cautious and in my shell. I don't want or need drama right now. I'm all about communication - just talk to me about your day, tell me a little about what you're up to, and I'll do the same This guy has hit a nerve with me and we've connected. Now, I have read a TON about Scorpios and that they are players, unfathful, play games, hide all emotion...Like I need that, right?

    He recently came to my area to live. New job, home, etc. He has family nearby, but a majority of his family and his daughter are a state away. He gets to see her frequently. We had an issue with him not staying in touch with me when he's out of town with his daughter and family - we've resolved that and he's understanding of my concerns....He's asked me to go with him soon to meet his friends up there, etc., but it hasn't happened yet. He's rebuilding his life - he's made a few big mistakes, had a major emotional trauma as the result of a horrific accident - in short, he's got several scars, both emotional and physical.

    This connection with us started out light - what we both needed - a friend, taking it slow, watching it form. But as I've gotten to know him, I of course see him as famly - a friend to protect, love and take care of. I see many typical Scorpio traits in him, strength, mystery, secretiveness, but he has moments of what I perceive as complete surrender, where it would appear that he's showing me his heart and that he WANTS to show me his heart - he'll get teary, animated, emotional, wordy... He'll tell me to listen to a particular song's lyrics... He'll be really quiet some days, and it's almost like I'm not here. Those days make me mad - we are better than that - but does he need space? Is he thinking of running?

    When he DOES express to me, it's something that will knock me off my feet, something deeper than I would expect from him. We've had great conversations where I feel like he's telling me things he hasn't told a soul. These moments are deep and I can see the connection between us. He's told me he needs someone like me, to help him remember what life is really like. I see that we are "supposed" to be a good match for each other. But I am so afraid of him hurting me. I've been through enough and I don't want games. Some people are such con-artists that they can say or do anything to make someone believe something. Is he falling in love and just afraid due to his past (as I am as well), or is this all a joke, a manipulation, etc, as is typical of a Scorpio (or so I read)? I am so split down the middle that I don't want to make another mistake by falling for this guy if it's all a joke....If I am meant to play a role in his life, then I don't want to let my fears ruin it, and if I need more patience, tell me. I can be the epitome of patience, if I know the end justifies the means. Help! (Thanks...)

  • Does ANYONE have any advice for me? Help! 😃

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