Letting Go

  • Hi Guys,

    I need your help. I really really like a Virgo guy but he's currently in a relationship right now. The girl shares the same sign with me - I'm an Aquarius by the way.

    I know that I should let him go and move on with my life and yet I can't seem to follow through with my plan.

    I feel or maybe this is just an illusion that me and this guy has a very deep emotional and spiritual connection. I've never been attracted like this to any human being at all! Add to the fact that we haven't met yet. We just text and speak on the phone. I think we've become close when my mom died last year.

    I'm so confused. Do I just close out my doors on this person and not communicate any more? Do I end the friendship? I feel guilty also that I harbor these feelings for him knowing that he's in a relationship already.

    I think I know that I need to do the right thing but I just need someone to re-affirm it or me.

    Thanks in advance.

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  • Hi Free,

    Your story is very familiar to me, for I once developed feelings for someone in much the same situation, except that he was married.

    We had a deep friendship, and connected on a very deep level, he understanding me better than any male in my life at that time.

    I fell deeply in love with him, all the while knowing that we could never be more than friends. I reasoned in my mind and heart that the friendship was worth the agony(5 years of torturing myself ) of not being able to ever have more than a loving friendship, and it was very difficult to keep that perspective, to honor his relationship with his wife.

    Our communication eventually had to end because it was too hard for me to walk that line.

    After I got on with my own life, God blessed me with the most wonderful warm ,loving ,human being Ive ever experienced, who loves me without reservation, and I him as well. I am happily married for the first time in my life.

    The blessing of having someone in my life who honors and loves me is the greatest gift I've recieved from making the decision to handle things in a way that honored all involved.

    I would send a line now and then...Hi..how are you...to keep in touch, but not allow yourself to focus on him in an intimate way.

    If you find you cant do that...walk away until you can.

    Let your be Blessed. Love to you, and Peace enter your soul.

  • Let your Life be Blessed... 🙂

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