Dream Interpretation Please

  • I had dream of sequences,, i feel are like how i feeling emotionally.

    Im in my bedroom,, a man with short brown hair, i feel wanted with him,

    Suddenly i go under like these small shutters, and i just push my self upwards out of the shutters, no struggle. Its like a new release no more struggle im free?

  • You are breaking free of your own self - the self that was bogged down by what everyone else has told you to be and do and think. Now you are becoming your more natural, powerful, and authentic self. You soon won't feel the need for anyone else to make you happy. The shutters are open and you are flying out free and clear.

  • Captain,

    Thank-you, thought it was something in that realm of things.. really am deleting a lot of non working baggage, i have book time off as i said from work around my birthday, for a proper holiday.

    Already got other things to social more on paper just going to action when got my day off.

    Thank you : )

  • Hi

    I had another weird dream

    I was getting sucked under by sand as i was coming up i was coughing it out forcefully, like i was fighting for my life, i think i emerged alive and ok?

  • That is simply about the struggle to survive in this hard world. Life does try to suck you down in order to make you stronger (like you have to stress and exercise a muscle to make it stronger) but at least you got through it OK.

  • Hey Captain,

    I had another one,

    My dad saying he has no money, and somehow that affect me, i cant see how, as i pay my own way. then i felt like i had wet the bed?

  • It's funny - psychologists often link bed-wetting to a child's fear of their father. Do you fear your father or fear disappointing him or fear him becoming dependent on you in some way?

  • I dont have any fear where my dad concerned, i highly doubt he ever be a Borden, the strong solid man he is.

    I think money is down to me, and he be a bit annoyed i not managed it as well as i portrait. me bet wet, i need loo and i think that why

  • Hi Captain,

    I just been talking to someone about spirits that sort chat,,

    I just remember something three ago that happen,

    I awoke to see a ash shaped silloutee ( i cant spell it, the out side shape of a human?) a size of a child

    I dont think it meant any thing although weird, but it not plagued me.

    Any thoughts?

  • Just a passing spirit drawn to your energies.

  • captain,

    I felt my dad died alone ,, he was in the old house we lived in years ago,

    I feel maybe this try tell me to catch him up in some way..

    I also feel my gut feel wouldn't be correct as it be too emotional when it happens.


  • No one ever dies alone, Scully - the guides and angels are always there to escort a soul 'home'. Maybe you feel guilt over his death, though?

  • As far as i know he's alive?

  • Don't you know if he is dead or alive?

  • Hi Captain,''Dad is very much alive and well.

    I think the dream for me was, that i hadn't spoken to him for a wile, and it went back to old childhood hood home.

    means to me keep more frequent contact that's all,, you may regret if you dont.

    It takes me a wile sometimes to see this.


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