Request to Captain to please look up compatibility

  • Please Captain, look up me and my current boyfriend's compatibility?

    Him, October 4, 1976 (born 4:35 pm in cleveland ohio)

    Me, November 4, 1978 (born 2.16 am, in riyadh, saudi arabia)

    Thanks so much!

  • Taking everyday events and turning them into bits of drama is this relationship's speciality. Thus the rising action, climax, and inevitable denouement of life as lived by ordinary people is the chief interest of the two of you, but mainly as observers and commentators rather than as participants. One area in which you two don't hesitate to get involved however is in your own love affair, marriage or friendship. Though dramatic, such a relationship has little pretense - it is spontaneous, honest, and impassioned. You both throw yourselves into matters of the heart with little reservation, but often lack the foresight to fully understand what is happening to you. Too often, reality is overturned as you two follow an excessive, obsessive, and perilous course. God-like, bossy, possessive, or snooping behaviour can ruin this relationship and often only an intense but brief love affair will be the result.

  • Eeekkk, that's pretty accurate! lol we're both hoping it lasts long though, we've already have had some tifts and emotional bursts for its relatively short 6 month-ish span.

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