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  • Hello Captain, I hope you had a lovely Christmas and I wish you all the best for the new year.

    I saw the reading you did for BissyBird and I would be grateful if you could do the same for me, at your convenience. My dob is 21.08.1949. Thank you so much.

    Love and blessings


  • According to your astrological and numerological profiles, Radiantsun, your destiny is to undergo a journey of exploration and discovery, one that often involves others. You are called to follow your curiosity in order to reveal new knowledge or understanding, both for yourself and society as a whole. You were born with pioneering and leadership abilities that, when combined with your great breadth of vision and idealism, can result in some significant discoveries. Though accomplished in the art of diplomacy, you have a number of lessons to learn about relating more intimately to others, that will play themselves out in the group endeavours called for by this lifepath. For this is the path not of a maverick but rather of one who works with others to accomplish an often lofty mission. Your core lesson is to learn to relate to others more closely and release the need to do things yourself. Your goal is to expand your own knowledge, and that of others, through exploration and discovery, using your gifts of strategic planning, generosity, and intellectualism.

    Brilliant and sophisticated, you are likely to experience many breakthroughs in your life journey. You can be very formidable at times, yet you will have to be careful that your sheer worldliness and insight do not manifest themselves in the kind of cynicism that leads you to distrust your impulses to forge ahead towards greener pastures, higher dreams, and new discoveries. Cultivating the art of sharing will prove especially beneficial, as you have a tendency to guard your inspirations and innovations quite jealously and may be confronted by some life instruction in give-and-take along your road. Thus you must especially guard against your desire to forge ahead on your own, despite a strong fear of being alone or lonely. You must be willing to share what you discover or learn with others. You may experience an epiphany and suddenly go out alone to start a new venture or form your own organization. But your greatest fulfilment will come from exploring ideas and unraveling problems or puzzles for yourself and for others. When one sails off into uncharted waters, it is best to be accompanied by a loyal crew. Though you may lead, you must also roll up your sleeves and work shoulder to shoulder with others. But you do not need followers who will believe in you blindly or unquestioningly. Without involvement with people comfortable enough with you to question your methods, you may end up at many a dead end or down an unrealistic or self-defeating byway as you hardheadedly pursue your visions. If you take your life lessons to heart and don't let your pioneering, pragmatic spirit turn into obsession, you will be able to scale new heights in both innovation and achievement, and will become adept at bringing out the best in other people. You may even develop a certain protectiveness for those around you, like a good parent..

    In relationships, you will always retain your rather worldly nature, and you require a mate of like mind. The problem is that any life partner may take a dim view of the many close work relationships involved or the long periods of devotion to your goals. Jealousy or possessiveness may then create intolerable friction. Family members may also feel resentment towards your friends and followers, feeling that their position (especially if they are your children) has been usurped by your protégés. The degree of your familial contentment will depend heavily on how well you master the task of improving interpersonal skills. You must also guard against a tendency to resist outside control, to the point where you become tyrannical and hurt the ones you love most, rather than be too close to anybody. You must release any fear of being dominated by another person and your need to do things for yourself. This will only isolate you from the rest of humanity.

    What you really want is to experience happiness, harmony, fairness, and support with one partner whom you love. To achieve this, you need to be your own partner first. By getting to know yourself, you begin to do the things that bring you joy and increase your level of self-nurturing so you feel strong, confident, and supported. As you treat yourself more fairly, you will feel the sense of balance and justice you seek. Only at this point can you establish a healthy partnership wherein two individuals share equally with each other without feeling debilitated.

    Your Achilles' Heel is a preoccupation with justice ("My survival depends on everyone playing fair with me") This thought should signal that you are on shaky ground. You are very giving by nature, yet your need for justice and absolute fairness is a bottomless pit. You can start 'playing fair' with yourself by not giving beyond a point that feels comfortable, even if you know that nothing will be reciprocated. The trap that you need to avoid is an unending search for an ideal committed partnership ("If only I can find the perfect partner, I'll feel complete within myself"). The feeling of completeness you seek can only be achieved individually; it will not be the by-product of a relationship, no matter how wonderful the partner. The bottom line is that you'll never gain enough approval from others to have permission to be yourself. At some point, you must take the risk and pursue activities that are meaningful to you. Once you go in your own direction, the appropriate people will be drawn into your life to support you.

    2012 for you will be about social expansion and creative successes. It will be a social, happy year, and it will generally tend to exude bright and cheerful vibrations. This is a year when you will want to check up on old friends and broaden your social circle to include some new ones. Romance and love affairs may bloom. You are inclined to live life to its fullest now, even if you have to pay the consequences later on. You are likely to be more sociable and the bridle of responsibility will seem to be loosened a bit. You may be inclined to scatter your energies and undertake too many things at the same time. You can safely take some time off to enjoy yourself, but resist the temptation to completely give in to having a good time; keep your goals in mind. 2012 is is a good time to expand personal creative talents, particularly those related to the arts and verbal skills. Recognition in this regard is likely this year. While this can be a happy year as far as personal expression and activities are concerned, it may be a disastrous year on the business or financial scene unless you are very careful. A frivolous attitude in that environment can cause rash decisions and impractical, unfinished schemes.

    2012 wants to expand your life and draw opportunity to your awareness. It brings increased activity and a strong desire to express yourself. Enthusiasm moves into the picture. You may find yourself quite busy with more social interaction. Seeds can be planted in the hearts and minds of those around you. If you become confused by too many directions, pick the one that excites you the most as joy is a key ingredient in the inherent energies of 2012 for you. Expression and creativity are really highlighted. Look for ways to contribute and interact in the world by becoming an example of your personal mission. This is a time for sharing yourself with others. You are meant to extend your unique expression more into the world. Network with others in areas where you have interests. You never know where the contacts you make will lead you. Be positive and optimistic as you plant seeds for your future. Join a club or take a class. Co-mingle with others and make new friends. Improve your social life. Find ways to fill yourself with inspiration. Add some pleasure to your life, especially if you have been lacking this type of nurturing energy. Find new ways to express yourself or further develop your creativity. Write a poem, story, or even a series of stories. Dabble in art; perhaps make a collage. Listen to some new kinds of music. Take a voice class. Join a group where you can practice public speaking. Basically, find fun and enjoyable ways to express yourself that bring new levels of confidence. Share your enthusiasm. We all have something that interests us that we like to share with others. Teach someone something you are good at or enjoy doing. It is important to reach out into the world and share yourself in 2012. Create a new affirmation for yourself with a focus on expressing. Remember to keep your affirmations "present tense active." An example is: "The more I express who I am, the more love I receive," or, "As I am expressing what makes me happy, others naturally support my dreams." Acknowledge the beauty of nature. Spend some time examining the abundance that lies in nature. Look for ways that abundance is also expressed in your life. Since 2012 wants to expand your sense of possibility, nature is a natural teacher. Contribute something you create to a friend, loved one, or worthy cause. Volunteer work is ideal, because it not only adds happiness to your life, it also contributes to the lives of others. Notice how the momentum of the last two years is beginning to bud into a new foundation in your life. This year's expressive expansion will help you build a solid foundation in 2013.

    Your natural charm will be at its peak in 2012. You will attract people to you like a magnet. And you will easily attract more joy to your life and work. No matter what you are doing or what career path you are on, you will find yourself drawn to opportunities that will allow for more creative expression. This is a great time to create a new strategy that you may have been putting off or you thought was too “out there” to share. During this period you will find yourself saying, “It’s more important to express myself and falter than it is to hold it all in and be safe.” However, what accompanies creative and no holds barred expressions are often feelings of vulnerability and doubt. As you consciously step onto center stage more and express more of who you are then you leave yourself open to more criticism. You may experience some significant highs and lows as you navigate the growth that occurs this year. It’s important to just have fun with whatever way you choose to express yourself and resist the temptation to monitor other’s opinions and get so attached to what others think that you allow it take you out.

    More than any other year, you will be interested in entertaining and being entertained. You will find yourself with many opportunities to meet new and exciting people who will inspire you in new ways and introduce you to new ideas that will light a fire in your belly.

    In general, 2012 will be a magical year for relationships and it will be a very lucrative year financially as long as your creativity is well directed.

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  • What is your love partner's birthdate?

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  • RadiantSun, you have strong creative and expressive potential and you could excel in a variety of ways, including metaphysics, dancing or sport, acting or producing, business, and creative writing (especially screenplays), due to your good structural sense. You will do well as long as you trust yourself but stay open to feedback and take any project step-by-step. You need to be able to do your own thing according to your own impulses, without being limited by anyone else's input. You are a leader, an innovator, a pioneer. You need something that allows you the independence to follow your own good instincts. Professions such as entrepreneurship or technical work for instance would give you the independence of action and allow you the initiative you require.

    In relationships, you have to be careful not to stay on the mental plane with your lovers. Trust issues for you tend to make you feel uncomfortable around people, even those you love. You can never entirely relax for fear of saying the wrong thing, which you sometimes set yourself up to do. The quality of your relationships and your sexual life depends on openness, trust, and the vulnerability to share your feelings and 'let go' to the point of ecstatic intimacy. Although you enjoy the comforts of home and family, you have a strong, spiritual personality that won't always stay in relationship for the sake of internal processing and growth.

    Your ex tends to be torn between the freedom of being alone in life with no responsibilities to a spouse, partner or children - he likes to have no one to answer to and few compromises to make. Yet he doesn't always find freedom in isolation, either. At some point he will have to commit to a relationship in order to learn and grow. He is not likely to be monogamous however because of his strong sexual drive (despite having a great deal of sexual insecurity about his performance) and his need for variety and adventure. He enjoys fantasy and playing different roles in love. Thus, a relationship can seem like either a doorway to greater freedom or a jail that makes him want to flee. He is very sensitive emotionally and has trouble revealing his feelings and his vulnerabilities, so he couldn't supply the honesty and openness in a relationship that you need. He is afraid to face the truth and is unlikely to be honest with anyone, always wearing a mask to protect himself from being hurt. He always puts himself first in a relationship and never really considers how his actions makes others feel. He is a poor communicator when it comes to himself personally and fears being rejected and judged for his body or his performance, so he keeps moving on from partner to partner just ahead of what he fears is his desertion by them. It is thus unlikely he would ever go back to an old relationship. He was not the right person for you and could never have satisfied all your needs and desires.

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