Help with love bottom line reading please

  • so I did the love bottom line reading and this is what i got:

    1. Self (your needs, feelings and motivations - as you approach a new relationship): 4 of swords

    2. The Loved One (refers specifically to the next person you are going to be intimately involved with -- or it is pointing to the power of some archetypal energy you need to relate to within yourself in order to find love): justice

    3. Situation (reflects current circumstances and the social setting): 2 of cups

    4. Advice (offers guidance regarding the way you relate): 7 of swords

    5. Potential (gives a a clue regarding a relationship's long-term possibilities): the chariot

    I did this reading to gain some insight into how a relationship with a particular person will be like. I would love to compare my interpretation of this reading with others, thanks.

  • So this is my own interpretation...I'm sort of new to this so I'm not entirely sure if I'm understanding this right

    1. 4 of swords: shows that I need time on my own to think

    2. justice: I don't really understand this one. I think it relates to something about truth?

    3. 2 of cups: there is a type of mutual attraction or connection

    4. 7 or swords: I have no clue...

    5. the chariot: challenges can be conquered and the relationship will work

    So what do you guys think? I still need help with understanding this so please help.

  • Hello BrilliantDarkness,

    I'm practicing with these new cards so I would like to help.

    1. I'm guessing that when it comes to love you may be a bit concerned with starting a new relationship. Is there too many bad memories that you need to put behind?

    2. If it's about a person then they may be an eye opener for you. You'll be able to see what it is you're doing wrong.

    3. It is about a possible strong connection that may be unmistakable

    4. I think the advice from this card is to be courageous. Perhaps you feel that relationships will fall apart as soon as it begins, but you never know until you try.

    5. I agree with your interpretation. If you let go of that fear and go for it, even if there are certain problems, all will turn out well.

    I hope it helps.

    If you have further questions, please don't hesitate to ask.

  • ElAl,

    Thank you for your insight! But I'm still confused about the justice card. What do you mean that the person may be an eye opener? Does it relate to him somehow showing me the truth of the situation/ helping me understand it?

  • Probably or perhaps you'll see a pattern that's always persistent in your romantic relationships.

    It may even be a harsh realization, but it's better that you find it now.

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