• Hello AstraAngel. You did a reading for me a while ago concerning a guy I am dating. If its no trouble, will you do a follow-up for me? I'd like to be given a reflection of our relationship at this present time and where it is heading. I feel a disconnect with him. I feel he is pushing me away and I am considering moving on. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance. Me: Kameelah 9/5/85. Him: Jonathan 9/4/82.

  • Oh! I'm sorry Astra, I didn't know you were taking a breather. Well I hope you're ok and get the rest you need. Thank you for you help thus far. Blessings....

  • Hi TenaciousVirgo

    Thanks for being patient, I was just looking back to see who I might have missed.

    Okay let's take a look at your relationship and where it stands and where it seems to be headed.

    You will be the Queen of Cups and your Guy will be the Knight of Cups.

    1. Where matters stand - Queen of Swords - This seems like there are some communication issues, someone is clamming up and pulling back it looks like. Also a Nine of Cups seems like some material concerns or the home life of one of you has the focus right now, taking away from the relationship?

    2. Where matters are headed - The Devil and Six Swords - This seems like the relationship may be a little too focused in the physical, and you may be having some trouble connecting. You long for more. The Six Swords does seem to show someone, probably you, moving silently away.

    Ten of Swords - Things do seem to be going in a not so great direction, I would focus on Spirit with all of your heart and let Heaven guide this relationship to whatever destination it should go in.

    And Four of Swords - rest, rest, rest from it, turn it over to the Universe and let your angels minister to you and you will be fine.

    I hope that gives you something to reflect on TenaciousVirgo. A lot of swords over all this - ouch! I took a pic of the spread, I am sitting here in Starbucks doing the reading.

    BTW I like your name, tenacious - now that is a great quality to possess, you are going to go FAR in life my Lady.

    Blessings and love,


  • Thanks so much Astra. I really appreciate it. I've been feeling like this relationship (yes, mostly physical) isn't going to pan out quite like I'd hoped. There are indeed communication issues. I just can't make a connection. Maybe it's a blessing. I'll let it runs its course. Ah well, thank you again.

    As for my name, well thank you! 🙂 Tenacious is definitely what I am, in everything. Which brings me to another situation, my job interview. I had an interview with an employer that I really want to work for on December 14. They said it would take up to a month to make a decision, due to all of the interviewees. Is there any way you could tell me what my chances are? Thank you so much.



  • I drew the Ten of Cups so I would say pretty doggone good!

  • Yay! Thank you!

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