Anyone Willing to offer me a reading?

  • Hi, I would really appreciate someone offering a reading for me so I can maybe can some clarity on my love life. I was with someone who just stopped talking to me and there was a girl who called me and said she was his girlfriend. He never gave an explanation and will not answer me. I have met a new guy. He seems really great. Will a relationship develop and will it be good and lasting? Thanks

  • I can and will for free if you'd like just for practice and to help

    normally I charge money to do this

    it may take me about a day or 2 because I'm in the middle of some at the moment

    would you prefer it to be casual/basic tarot or something more intense as a reading that involves the occult?

  • Ok thank you. Which ever you are willing to provide is okay with me. I really appreciate it. Thanks.

  • sorry for the delay

    I'm just moving recently and things have been hectic here

    this particular reading was done under very professional circumstances with the aid of several occult items used to amplify the potential of it being ritually accurate

    the nature of the reading was a casual and unbiased 10 card celtic cross spread and the deck used was the archeon over-sized tarot with both face and inverted cards that were carefully shuffled beforehand then anointed

    the reading is strange in that it immediately identifies the concern / question / self / root very clearly and also the past present and future of the situation and how it may be best handled

    it's my personal opinion it was a highly successful and valid reading but you can be the judge

    many major arcana cards were present as well

    card one (major arcana / inverted) represents the possibility that you are becoming dependent upon the person in question and pertains to your current confusion concerning the recent relationship chaos and stability and your wishes for independence and self reliance or future stability... the basic issue for the reading

    card two that crosses face up reveals that the most unacknowledged factor or obstacle of the situation or what can improve it to achieve a desirable positive outcome in the integration of the philosophy that true love is patient and takes time and planning or nurturing to grow rather than haste and force and that it should be allowed to slowly and naturally develop

    *refer to I-Ching hexagram 27 "nourishment" and the VII of Pentacles for further insight

    card three (major arcana) which forms a sometimes unknown or subconscious root relating to the first 2 cards indirectly suggests that your reason for asking is that you feel very hopeful and optimistic about the new attraction/relationship as though it could be a new beginning even to overshadow the recent past grief you've experienced

    card four (major arcana) represents that this recent past has had a very sudden and unexpected ending (the old relationship) and suggests an icy divorce between the two was involved that has very little chance of being resolved and may continue even to have a direct bearing on the present and current relationship that is negative and detrimental

    card five (major arcana) suggests that a possible outcome of the whole situation may be extreme success or the form of good karma even and/or achieving the goal you desire, but this is also dependent upon the willingness to integrate and make useful the advice of the second card in the situation (refer to the 7 of pentacles)

    card six (major arcana) represents a truly ominous situation unfolding in the near future you will need all your resolve to overcome and should be heeded as an omen of danger in this position... be prepared for the worst as this signals a challenge you must meet, face, and overcome the adversity of that will be very difficult (see overview below)

    card seven (major arcana) this card is associated with the self and appears as a face up drawing of "the lovers"... it represents your current state of being/mind and amplifies the general reason for the question being asked... very self explanatory

    card eight seems to suggest that your predominant environment is one of career professionalism and maturity... this could be viewed as going to school, or being a student at a university, working in a hospital, etc or even being a teacher for example...

    it seems to indicate your occupational nature and surroundings more than being introspective

    or personal

    card nine (inverted) reveals that you are afraid and somewhat paranoid regarding the situation,

    and you are experiencing a general anxiety and worry surrounding it in which you may become jealous or covetous... even envious of others concerning this matter (pertaining to the person in question)

    card ten (major arcana / inverted) is the culmination of your efforts taken to resolve the situation

    and the most likely outcome (see overview below)... its associations are grim and represent things such as stagnation, ill reward, or a lack of closure as though you have left something undone...


    the reading suggests the possibility of both success and failure in this enterprise

    it generally seems to indicate that you exercise an extreme caution (see card 6) when dealing with the person in question during a difficult/trying situation that will occur soon and that when doing so to let things develop naturally and with a cool head over time rather than forcing issues to ensure a lasting relationship that will have a strong foundation... and that to rush in headfirst or too fast when dealing with this unforeseen event (possibly a bitter dispute) is certain to bring about misfortune and will only produce co-dependence and a short-lived relationship that will grow stagnant and melancholy possibly leaving both parties with much sorrow

    it's advisable to study the seven of pentacles (card 2) and meditate on integrating its philosophy of grace and compassion into an event that will occur soon you will need to overcome so that you will have a favorable outcome, and to disassociate yourself completely from the past events that have lead you to the present circumstance

    time, love, and patience are crucial in determining the answer to the question,

    but ultimately the choice is up to you as to how you will react to the omen within the sixth card

    and it seems that this decision will be the key factor in the success or failure of the relationship's permanence

    I hope that you will find some guidance from this reading and genuine help, and should you require that anything be explained further feel free to ask, but I've tried to be as thorough as possible in the explanation of it without redundancy to avoid any confusion

    again sorry for the delay

  • Good Job: God Flesh! Your time and dedication are admirable.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Thank you so much. Wow, I feel you are right on with everything in this reading. I really appreciate your time. You are really good at this.

  • thank you for the compliments and feedback

    and for the opportunity to practice

    your confidence is appreciated and I hope that you find what you're seeking Mar902 and I'm glad that you found the reading to be successful

    High P thanks also for the compliment...

    I'll contact you as soon as possible

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