Astonomical Odds...

  • Blessings everyone/! Happy Season of Light!

    I had an interview set up for a consulting job and over six days I got NO readings from the yes/no spread.....and every time it had the judgement card in it - so that's 72 cards, pull 8, shuffle, place them in 8 positions, 3x over six days.....and it was really starting to annoy me because I wanted something positive.

    Then I got an email confirmation about the interview - and I researched the company and later pulled that 3rd reading and went back and looked up the owners. I must have amazing odds and Guardian Angels!!!! because one of them had been arrested for attempted sexual assult - twice!!! and was thought to have been deported and was found in another city and I guess then deported for some time? Anyway, there was a grand jury indictment, there was supposed to be a deportation and he was picked up in another city....

    So - as much as I wanted the good to happen, the cards didn't budge, and I guess I know why.

    It's something like a miracle to me - and mind boggling - and I just wanted to share for all those who are skeptical or who don't really belive that a computer program can get "vibes" or anything like that.

    I am so so glad that I just kept following the prompt and looking deeper.....and wil of course heed the call to avoid the situation entirely.

    Please support me in calling in only Blessings and Light in this situation.....

    and I support you all!

  • Amazing! I can certainly believe there was a divine hand in this! I've been receiving very strong signs of divine influence in my situation as well, the most prominent ones, funnily enough, coming from fortune cookies. ^_^ NO JOKE. I'm serious!


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