• 8(i been catching myself reminiscing on my ex(baby daddy) of my 8 month old.i hate him but miss him dearly.i dont know if it true love i feel of just lust but i really miss having a family 😞 wil he ever come back to me or will he be free from me for ever 😞 .....confused...please help...his birthday is may 5 1980 mine june 1981(if it helps)

  • Hi dear kateyez,

    I hope you dont mind me reflecting here.

    Your 8 month old honey is your family. That baby is a part of you that no one can seperate.

    I know you miss having companionship of someone who truly cares for you and who would help raise your child.

    A man who would abandon you and your child is not someone you want in your life dear kateyez.

    He may need to grow as you may need to grow at this time.

    Is he helping you financially?

    When you set in more mind what is important and healthy for you and your baby, you will put into motion the best for you and your family.. Invest your heart and soul into that child, and God will give you the strength to do what will bring you happiness and joy, and will eventually lead you to the soul who will be waiting for you.

    Make it your resolve not to have any more children until you find that person.

    May God be with you and bring you peace and comfort through friends and family.

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