Relationship blues

  • Shortly after I was divorced in 2010. I met my soul mate. I never had felt so in love with someone before. My three boys and I moved in with him this past July. He told me a few days ago that the boys and I need to move out. Wow! I didn't see this coming. I was concerned with his drinking habits and I was leary to move in with him. He convinced me otherwise. I followed my heart instead of my head and know I'm angry with myself. My ex of 19 years was bipolar. I found out that bipolar and schizophrenia ran on both sides of the family of my current boyfriend. He does have bipolar tendencies. He uses alcohol to deal with the emotional highs and lows. He doesn't believe in mental illness or seeking help. I am heartbroken over all of this. I hope that he agrees to get help and that we can restablish the wonderful bond we had. Does any one have any insight? We have been dating for eighteen months. I'm a pisces and he is a Leo.

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