How do i find someone to love and love me

  • every realtionship or guy or crush ended up with someoen else, and im mad and sad.. the last guy i liked moved,, but i was busy being faithful to my ex , that i didnt have the guts to talk to him, i always invest all my time into someone,, and then i end up alone anyways,, is there nay help out therE? my last boyfrined like dme, but moved in with someoen else,, why i dont know... i said some bad after she got his gf to turn againt me,, and not sure how to snap inlt lovign mode again, i was lawyas nice to him, but everytime they had a fight he would end up at my house, i took him in, everything was wonder ful, and he would leave again... what did i do wrong?

  • hi danielka ... i find that this is fated or destiny ... somehw there is time for everything ..

    i find that you are too into a man and they probably see that you are n't challenging and desirable for them to analyse and focus on you ..

    I would like to say simply just let nature take its course.. focus on yourself , be confident and keep yourself from begin vulnerable(eg.. display insecurity, needy, doormat, available and controlling ) to all men .. be yourself never to be needy that the key to begin able to control a relationship.

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