Tarot Questions

  • Hello everyone,

    I'm not exactly new to Tarot, but I still don't know all the tricks to it.

    Recently, I was trying to do a reading for someone and something wasn't right. When I do a reading for someone I don't have a physical connection to, I try to meditate and sense their energy. I tried this in the morning with the questioner and I couldn't get a source. I thought maybe that it was me, so I left it alone until now and tried just a few minutes ago. Again, I couldn't feel anything so I tried experimenting on myself and my friend, and for both, I could sense our energies. I tried once more for the questioner and I still could not feel anything.

    I would like to know how those of you who have experience doing tarot readings, especially for those far away, how do you do it?

    Are there certain people you simply can't do a reading for?

    Please share some of your stories with me.

    Thank you and have a wonderful day!

  • Hi Eiai,

    I just go with my gut feel.. sometimes if you feel off in you, just not connected.. it all affects.

    Im not sure, but maybe you need to have a complete break from think to do it.

    There could be a reason,, your friend , what's she asking,, is it in opposites with what she wants to hear?,, there a block


  • Hi scully21,

    Her question was "What can I expect in my near future?"

    I've never met the person, but I've done many online readings before and have never had this happen to me. Usually when I do a reading I can feel the warmth of the energy almost run through me, but as much as I have tried to concentrate I can't feel hers. Because of this, I don't feel comfortable doing a reading for her at this time.

    Thank you for your reply.

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