Help or advice?

  • Thank you guys for your help a few weeks ago regarding the relationship issues I was having. Things seem to getting better between us. :3 We talk a lot now, but now, I'm not sure if he actually does like me, or if I'm just seeing what I want to see.

    I'm also afraid to express my growing crush for this person, due to fear of scaring him off.

    Could someone do a reading asking what I should do? Or even just general advice?

  • hi elizabeth, by the way my name is elizabeth too:)

    i haven't done a card reading specifically for you, but i do have advice ...

    i was in your position 6 years ago with a longstanding crush on a guy and not knowing if he felt the same. i was so convinced he was the love of my life, that i moved to the town he lived in, so that i had more opportunity to get to know him better. i had done a card reading for myself to help me make this choice, and it confirmed it for me positively. as it happened, he wasn't interested, but, shortly after i moved to his town, i ended up meeting another guy quite by coincidence, who i truly did fall in love with, and he with me, and i married him 5 years ago:) i realise looking back that he is so much more wonderful than i ever dreamed even of the other guy.

    so, my advice to you is definitely follow your heart and go for it if you feel you love him. you have nothing to lose, because whenever life closes one door, it opens another, but you'll never find out unless you first do something about it. go on, go for your guy, because you never know what else it might lead to, even if it doesn't work out as you wanted.

    after all, everything we do in this life, is only "symbolic" of things going on on a higher level, or a celestial level. so always follow your heart because it can change your whole destiny:)

    love from liz x

  • Thank you. I'm just not sure yet, because it's still so early on in the friendship and I'd rather not scare him away. However, your story is really inspiring. And I'm so happy you're so fulfilled in your life and relationships. I may not be able to express myself fully yet. But I hope one day I will.

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