Why Taurus men dissapear

  • Hey ya. I would like to share my experience with Taurus man and get some advice, as I am very lost.

    I am Virgo and am 3 years older than the Taurus guy(19) I have met over a month ago. I can honestly say it was love at first sight. I have never felt about anyone before in my life like I feel about him. We've been seeing each other for over 3 weeks. He lives about 40miles away from me, so was always comming to see me over the weekends and sometimes during weekdays after his work. Everythings was so nice. He showed me so much attention, was always kind and nice. He was always texting me anytime in a day, calling nice words like sweety, darling, honey, baby and so on...He cooked me dinner few times at my house and already gave me some small present gifts. I can honestly say we had that strong connection from the very beggining.

    There was only one thing that was confusing me. We always spent our time at my house, watching movies and cuddling each other. We never had s** as knowing that I am Virgo it takes time for me to sleep with someone. But I was still confused because my house was the only place we were together apart the very few first times we have met. I had that feeling, that the only thing he wants is s**, even thought we have never had that as I already mentioned before. So I decided to be honest and let him know how I feel about him. I told that I he means a lot to me, that I have never felt about anyone in my life like I feel about him. Said that I really like him and feel like the only thing he wants is just to finally have s** with me. he said '' dont be silly. I really like you, really a lot '' He said I can trust him.

    I found hard to trust man, because Ive had painfull experience with my x boyrfriend. But there was something that made me believe in him.

    And then he dissapeared the follofing day when I told him what was going deep down in my soul... I send him a message by telling that I honestly don't understand were things got wrong between us but Im still happy for the time we have spet together and that he means a lot to me. He replied '' Neither do I know where things got wrong between us xx ''

    I dont know what to think, I am soooooooo lost.

    Ive always thought that being honest with the person is the best what you can give, but somehow I think now that if I wouldnt let him know whats in my heart, things might be still the same. I have never asked him to get into serious relationship with me I just wanted him to know that how I feel about him. Please guy help me, as I dont know what to think... 😞

  • Hello Virgo0908 if you want to know something on taurus men check this thread out it will give you all sorts of info on the taurus men


    it is under the topic heading: I NEED TAURUS INSIGHT

  • maybe he has a family that you don't know about.. something like that happened to me and w a Taurus they are so charming thats bc they have the planet Venus. they are dangerous they break your heart. 😞

  • he don't have any family, I know that for sure. I dont really know what to do, shall I try to get in touch with him or I would need just to let it go ... omg its so hard :((

  • Why havent you been to his place then, and everything is at your place.. has he taken you out at all?

    Im inclined to agree with al3xa.. they are charming , dangerous.. let you open up and stamp on you.

  • well, because of his job. He lives in a sharem flat with other males n I have seen his room when we have spoken over the skype. I know might still be not clear enough. It is just so hard to understand his behaviour. He was quite open with me, told me about his family, his friends and so on. but when i opened myself to him, he dissapeared. I just don't know what to do. shall I try to get in touch with him or step back... I anyway have strong feeling for him ... 😞

  • I was meant to say shared flat. sorry

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