SHUABBY-Can you give me some insight?

  • Hi, I have been looking some posts of you and I was really amazed by them, from what I could see u r really blessed, I only thank God for people like you.

    My problem is that I break up with this aries man born in 22 march 81, we never had a healthy relationship, to many obstacles between us, but I really fell in love with him but I was not ready to leave all my life to follow him and he was never open about his feelings for me as I wanted him to be.

    So he went to work to another country, we cut communications, I was ok for a while until 2 weeks ago suddenly I started missing him so much, I know I still love him but I need to move on.

    My questions are: did he really love me, are he missing me? Is he ok? (cuse I feel is not).Are we going to talk with each other again? Will I ever forget about him?

    You see my mind and heart are in a mess,lol. Thank you.

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