My husband died 6 weeks ago, tarot please

  • my beloved husband died 6 weeks ago. i am feeling like a fish out of water, and grieving for him terribly. all i want from life right now is the day i go and join him.

    i would like a card reading for some insight into our relationship and what i should do with the rest of my life, and i would be interested to know if anyone believes i will ever be with him again, and if the cards point to this too.

    thank you, elizabeth x

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  • Dear Elizabeth (emurray612):

    I understand grieving and sadness, I understand loss very greatly. I have lost many people I hold dear to my heart over the years. I also have an old friend who's husband died around the same time yours had. I also have another friend who's husband died around the same time my brother had.

    I know it seems difficult and maybe near impossible at the moment, but you must give yourself strength by surrounding yourself with friends and family you love to help you deal with the mourning. When my brother died I had many people struggling to put their lives back together because they felt they could not function without him in it. I was not able to mourn for my brother because my time was occupied with trying to console the other people.

    Time went by and as the people who had mourned him greatly grew stronger and mourned him less, I finally had my time to mourn his loss. Unfortunately for my brothers wife I was not able to help her. She turned deeply to drugs and ended up with the wrong person who murdered her only 2 years later.

    You should try to enjoy life as you have it and maybe pick up a hobby or two to keep yourself busy. Find some friends to get you out of the house and do things. Go spend more time with family. Do not sit alone in your home crying over him, it will do you no good. You really need to get out of the house and live again. I know the sadness will continue for a while and maybe for the rest of your life on Earth, but do know that the things that seem dark and dismal right now will soon shine brightly again for you.

    A tarot reading cannot tell you what to do, it can only tell you what you will eventually end up doing which may be nothing. You can always spend time learning something new, go back to school if need be, take training at your local American Red Cross and help disaster relief. Donate your time to an organization that needs volunteers. There are so many things to keep you busy and to help you with the passing of your mourning.

    I am sorry for your loss and my words may not soothe you but do know that things will get better in time, you just have to help yourself along.

    Sincerely and with all my heartfelt sympathy,


  • Dear Elizabath,

    I am very very sorry to hear of the loss of your husband. The great pain which you are experiencing is very enormous indeed. I would encourage you to get some distance healing from reiki masters. This might help you. There is no charge-- you just need a yahoo account-

    Very nice people are found here.

    God Bless You


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