Leo woman Dating Cancer Man thats been hurt help??

  • I've been dating a cancer man for 4 months after he persued me for an year. His last relationship was bad he was cheated on for 3 years. We started out hot and heavy then he got distant I thought he wasnt into me he said he has feeling for me and thinks im smart sweet and very loveable but because of the past relationship hes scared to let me in fully. I asked why did he persue me no answer. I said I was gonna end it because hes shutting me out he wont let me. I tell him what bothers me and he fixed it except the letting in really I told him im different im always there when he needs me we have good love making HOW LONG WILL THE HEALING TAKE ITS BEEN OVER A YEAR!! My DOB7-27-78 his 7-13-68 HELP!!!

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