Captain, could you help me please?

  • im a libra, i split up with my boyfriend who is a 21 year old scorpio man at the end of november 2011. 2 weeks before he left me he had threatened to leave before but didnt actually go as he said he loves me an wants to sort things out. we were together for over 2 years and moved in together may last year. when he left me his parents told me that he had been unhappy the last month, but was with just with me? when he left he said he needed his space and that he didnt love me anymore just still had strong feelings for me, but he felt he settled down too quick.after 2 weeks of leaving me he messaged me to ask how i was but the day after deleted me on facebook an said he wasnt coping without me. later that week he also told his friend that he had made a big mistake and apparantly he was really upset but the day after told me he had made the right choice, havent heard from him since but a couple of times he has come to get his friend from my house and had to prove a point he was sitting outside in his car, do you think he will be back or not as i am finding it hard to be happy at all at the moment 😞

  • Your ex is very conflicted - he can't live with you and he can't live without you. Scorpions always have trouble letting go even when they want to move on. There is also a lot of guilt in him over being attracted to other women sexually. He feels that he cannot fight what he is - unable to be faithful to you. But he is young and deserves to be free to 'sow his wild oats'. Neither of you were ready for a real commitment even if you thought you were. You both must get on with the business of living your own lives, growing up, and moving on.

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