Short Relationship Reading - HELP!!!!

  • Hi Everyone,

    This is my first post on the site and I am hoping that some wise souls out there will be able to give me so advice on some problematic issues currently going on in my love life.

    I recently had this tarot done, it was a simple one on the basis of the following question:

    "Is my recent relationship break up really the end for us both and what will happen between us in the future?"

    The deck used was the RSW and short three card reading. The outcome was as follows in this order.

    The King of Cups >>>> The Lovers >>>> The King of Pentacles

    I can't seem to make headway of what the cards are trying to tell me. I know that the appearance of the Lovers obviously has something to do with the romantic nature of my question and I guess also shows that a choice will need to be made on my part.

    I have researched the meanings of the King of Cups and also the King of Pentacles and they apparently both signify good things for love. I think my ex is the King of Pentacles and another potential partner, whom I don't know of maybe the King of Cups - I went to see a psychic recently, with regards to this break up who said there was a chance of reconciliation with my ex however it would need to be on the basis of a whole new understanding and patterns. But at the same time he also said there was the chance of encountering someone fair-haired (perhaps epitomised by the King of Cups) and reinforced by the Lovers card in which I need to make a decision.

    With regards to making the decision the Lovers card also indicates the possibility of reconciling with an ex and also the process of making a difficult decision but need to base it on heart rather than head. This is the problem my ex was a real idiot and was unfaithful and has hurt me immensely but I am still in love and miss the times we spent together and doing silly things together. Infidelity in my opinion is terrible and although not making excuses at all the situation isn't as black and white as it probably appears.

    I just don't know what to expect, think or do. I haven't spoken to my ex for nearly 3 months now as he is at University where the infidelity began and I seeing as we finished our relationship I couldn't deal with staying in contact whilst he is around the other part. I see it all about him fighting who he is at the moment and very scared and I understand that. However, it just seems like complete stalemate at the moment and I just don't know whether to accept that he will never be a part of my life again and as hard as that may be, perhaps I need to. However according to the cards and psychic predictions especially he will always be a part of my life which is even more strange.

    We have both finished our first years at University and I am currently spending a month working as an Au Pair in Belgium, whilst he is home in the UK. I figured it would give us both necessary space; but I wonder if it just giving him a further opportunity to fail to address what has happened?

    Sorry for the long post, I just hope someone can shed some light on the situation, their own opinion as I'm starting to go crazy trying to unpuzzle everything.

  • You're both very young and need to spread your wings before settling down. You're both away from each other...use that time to socialise with other people and get to know yourself and what you would like from life. You need to accept that at the moment your life together is over....don't be blinkered, your knight in shining armour may be round the corner ready to whisk you away and you will wake up and realise that your ex was a delicious memory and learning curve. In a few years, you may happen to cross each other's paths again, and perhaps a deeper more meaningful relationship will occur. But for now, dry your tears, look to the future, discover what a wonderful person you are, smile and live for the moment.

  • Your story is too complicated and a 3 cards reading will not solve it.

    Why don't you do a relationship celtic cross reading and write down the cards you get.

    The questions should be very clear. For example will I get back with my ex? Simple.

  • Thank you for your kind words and advice. I guess these are feelings which I know are right deep down inside, however the Lovers card tells me to follow my heart and my heart is with my ex! It's so confusing.

    Your comments about paths crossing later on in life etc - are they what you make of the tarot?

    Also does anyone know anything about time spans involved with tarot?

    Sorry to burden with so many questions, but your take on what is occuring would be greatly appreciated 🙂 !!!

  • Well I wanted to ask the tarot that question but I was urged not to ask the tarot such type of questions.

    In an essence I tried to ask the tarot this question..... "is it really the end for us?"

  • As HighP09 says, you probably need to do a full reading. I just went on my the moment you are both so busy and you both need to experience the world apart....and may be in a year you can look back on things and then decide which way you're heading.

  • Thanks for your responses, I really appreciate them.

    HighP09, I saw in another thread that you have been offering to do some readings and I was just wondering whether you would possibly be willing to do one in the style you recommended on this issue for me as it is forever on my mind.

    Thanks in advance 🙂

  • As I said go ahead and do a celtic cross reading

    lets say on or right here at

    and write back the cards you receive. You can join me on my blog. See the new topic: Free Reading.

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