Question for Captain

  • Hi Captain,

    Once again I want to thank you for your direct readings for me.

    I have one more question for you and I would love to know your insight on the this situation...

    I am currently planning on moving to my home country as soon as I can - which should be May at the latest...but my friend wants me to move into a new apartment in the mean time with her!! do you think I would be wise to do this...she has recently started seeing this new guy and although she seems crazy about him..myself and other friends think he's not the best guy for her but its her life and hopefully she does not get hurt.

    Her name is fiona and date of birth is 27th Dec 1978.

    My questions really are :

    do you think it would be wise to move in with her?

    do you think the guy she is with will be good to her (esp if I will be leaving)?

  • And your friend's love life is up to her to manage as she is an adult.

  • thank you Captain. yes i know her love life is her own which is why i stay out of it. her friends are just worried for her as the guy she is with hasn't the best reputation, but everyone can change so we're hoping he will be good to her.

    Thank you.

  • People never believe from others that the person they are in love with could hurt them - this is something they have to find out for themselves.

  • very true, i was in the same situation myself !

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