Watergirl18.... Blmoon... Shuabby... Anyone? Desperate for a reading...

  • Hello

    I am hoping one of you can be so kind as to give me some insight a lot going on especially in my love life. I am trying my best to stay positive and be patient but I'm so heartbroken by a Cancer guy will things between us get better? I am trying my best to let him go but it hurts so much. Do either one of you see us being in contact again? Was I really to blame for it ending? Or did he do a great job of convincing me it was my fault? I am so sad and feel like I messed things up really bad... I see everyone around me in relationships and I've never been one to want that until I met him... I've hurt great guys in my past because I liked my freedom not intentionally but I have, is this my karma coming back to me?

    Thanks for your time and for all that you do I see you get bombarded with request i am sorry to be a burden just thought I would try my luck..

    Have a great day!

  • DEar Inspired Love.

    At this moment in time is it like all watersigns await the other shoe to drop. By it i mean we await something major to happen, a huge sign of sorts.

    I doubt it´s fully either party´s fault, but both are at fault if one can put it this way. I prefer words such as outside effect coming in and messsing with the progress, unforeseen events that throws a wrench in what went well, world economics, other people in the person we loves life.

    we cannot know.

    best thing 4 u is to focus on u, and do ur thing, maybe rediscover a hobby u loved to do, like paiting, poerty making, plaids, knitting, dancing, doing sports, photographing or such.

    it´s like with the way the planets are acting everything is up in the air n we all are holding out breaths getting breathless, worried n second guess outselves.

    Please sweetie, don´t secondguess urself. U did what u had to do at the time, n so did he. Non of u are fully to blame.

    I sense desturbance from outside forces drove a wedge between u, and when u both open up to it, face it n awknowledge it, have u both come very far. All is not lost.

    B4 i go on, may i ask, do u want him back? do u want to experience the if we got it together can we make it ??? as in a chance with him n him with u that will become something more solid than beyound friendship?

    I´ll await ut reply n ill try to see if i can get more. It would also help a lot if u had a photo of u 2.

    I hope for now ive given u a small peace n hope to continue on.

    cwb 4 out 4 now

  • I see your niche as helping others. I think you did help this person. Your life purpose and his are not the same and that's ok. Be thankful for yours as I think, in time, you can discover more about your true purpose w/others here. I get developing yourself!

  • CWB

    Thank you for sharing I feel like we both played a part but he always blamed me so i held this guilt because I was making an effort and I guess he made me feel like it was not enough.

    To answer your question do I want him back? Yes! I do BUT I want the "old" him back the one that adored me and let me know it, the one that respected me and showed me affection. That person is no longer there it was as our relationship got tarnished and I kept seeking that old person but I never got him back. This is why I know maybe it is best to let it go but my heart won't allow it I have tried but it has caused so much sadness in my life which is silly because there are bigger issues a boy should not be one of them!

    I'm sorry I do not have a picture of us together I so wish I did...

  • Daliolite-

    Thanks I do have an urge to help people nice to know that I helped him in some way. I hope this heartache develops me into a better person hope some good comes out of it. I know it will as life has a way of teaching us.

  • From ur words sweetie i sense you have said ur goodbyes n is now in a mourning phase. It´s nornal after a break up n a loss. The loss is what he used to be like. So allow urself the phase, mourn, write paint, reinvent urself. Once u feel back ontop is ur sky above the limits.

    best of luck, merry xmas dear. n remember, come new year comes new opportunities, chances n love, n an emeging of a whole new you.

    best blessi ngs dear

  • thanks I guess you are right I am mourning what he use to be like but my heart wants to believe he is still there I guess I just needed to know if he was or if I really should move on. It was my doing so for that reason I know he will not reach out to me. I don't know if I did the right thing and fight with myself for it I have become so depressed and sad I hate it.

    Thank you again for your time merry xmas to you also and I hope the new year brings you much happiness.

  • Just know u´re the more mature of the two. N in hindsight u might always have been the maturer of you 2. the heart always takes longer to heal.

    i lost my beloved dog in 2008 n first now i can think of her without breaking into tears, or tumble into a pit of depression.

    allow ur heart its phase of mourning n set no time frame for it. we´re individuals n so is our hearts.

    as for right thing, one could ask u given what u know now, would u have done the same? i think yes. thats another lesson we are hard to learn as women, to look at our past n accept what we have done regardless of succeesses or failures.

    its what we deem a failure we need to reinvent n say okay i may have fouled up, BUT it was not a failure or a fiasco, it was a lesson, a lesson i properly need to learn again bc i learnt it not well.

    i say this n try to remind about the guy who invented the bulb n electricity, each had to test many ways b4 it was successful. when asked at the success n breakthrough they would say to when asked why it took so long n so on, they said, well i learnt 100 or 1000 ways of how not to do it b4 i learnt the one that made the difference n caused what i wanted to happen.

    i believe we as woman has to look at this the same way. yes we found a guy, n no it didnt pan out, BUT i learnt a few ways of how not to do it, so im better equpped for the next guy.

    I hope i make sense. In case ya need more am i to be found on fb as real bente millek. N now i hope to god tarot wont erase this b4 ya see it.

    blessings again

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