Hi watergirl, please help me!

  • Hi Watergirl, I know it's holiday season, and your probably busy doing your own thing. But if you have some free time, please do me a reading. Thanks a lot.

    I am really struggling these days. I just graduated from school last month, and am currently looking for a job. I am an international student, and am under student visa. If I dont find a job within certain period, I will have to leave the country. I have submitted enough resumes to lots of companys, but so far, no responses yet. no interviews at all. It's quite frustrating. I know a guy from long time ago that he's in a big firm with a high position. I contacted him, and we were planning to meet up. But for some reason, I didnt get to see him last week. I was hoping he could help me out getting a job in that company. So I emailed him a few days asking for a referral. So far, he hasnt responded yet.. Not sure what's going on. Can you please tell me if I can see him in person sometime soon? and how much help will I be getting from him? When can I find a job and start working? Thanks!

    Also, my bf broke up with me last month. We were dating for one yr and a half. We fought once in a while, but in most of days, we were fine. I could feel his love for me all the time. He's a very sweet man. But it seemed like it's from the middle of nowhere, he chose to move on without me. I am not really sure what's going on... but the night when he broke up with me, he cried a lot. I could tell he were also struggling. It's not an easy decision for him. Looking back, I think he was planning on proposal. maybe he got cold feet? I dont know. Did he actually plan on proposing before he broke up with me? Can you please tell me what really made him choose to leave me? What's he thinking these days? Is he doing okay? Does he regret this break-up decision? Will he get a new job and move away? Please help me! Again, I really appreciate your help!! thanks a lot!!

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