Question about boyfriend and gift

  • I've been with my boyfriend for nearly 2 months now, I'm 18 and he's 21. He works really hard at his job, and he said he wasn't sure what to get me for a gift. I told him whatever he got me I would surely love, and he asked me to be more specific, so I said I like cheap jewelry (it's the sentiment that counts), clothes, and things like that. He asked if he could just take me shopping sometime in December or January instead of a traditionally wrapped gift. I said that sounded fun, but now I'm kinda nervous because I don't want him feeling like he has to spend a lot. Also, my friend said he was just trying to get out of having to actually go out and pick something he thinks I'd like (which I don't really agree on). What is your take on this? Thank you, and any input/advice is appreciated!

  • He really wants to get you something you like but is not yet sure he knows you well enough to know what you would like exactly. Guys get very nervous about buying gifts for girls who tend to be a mystery to them for a long long time. When he takes you shopping (which is the best option as he may panic and buy something more expensive on his own), pick something inexpensive but what you like. It is the thought that counts, as you say.

  • That is really sweet that he wants to take you shopping and it is also very practical so have a great time!


  • Thank you TheCaptain and paddifluff for you advice! I'm really looking forward to going now!

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