Double Gemini confusion

  • Hello All!

    Im new here to the community, & ima Texas gal, so yall have to excuse the twang in my typin lol. I have an inquiry about a sun/moon gemini rising capricorn. ((Ima Sag sun Taurus moon Scorpio rising by the way)) I fell so hard & fast for this man I didnt see it comin. We been off & on, ((more off, too much on is scary)) every since. But I never told him how I feel. That was a year & 6 months ago & nothing has changed, but its like we long for each other til we have to give in. We get close & he disappears (gemini) I sense him while he is away((his neptune trine my moon??)) & I just want to go to him & fix it all lol (taurus moon) Anywho, enough of need is help interpretin what the synastry aspects really mean. I have done our synastry to figure out the strange energies that got me caught up. Im only goin to list the ones that are less than 3°.

    His mars(cancer) trine my venus(scorp)3°

    His venus(taurus) oppose my venus(scorp)

    His venus(taurus) conj my moon(taurus)

    His moon(gemini) oppose my sun(sag)

    My asc(scorp) oppose his venus(taurus)....& it goes on

    As u can tell we pretty much oppose each other & dance around in trines & sextiles w/ a few squares thrown in around Jupiter & neptune( 😕 i knw)

    But i want to get more understanding with these two aspects:

    His Saturn in Scorpio is conj My Venus in Scorpio @ 0°((also opposin his natal venus))

    His Moon in Gemini trine My Mars in Libra @ 1°

    I know Saturn is the restricter & I read somewhere that moon trine mars is uncomfy for a man if its his moon. I genuinly have a strong love for this man, I just cant admit it to him out of fear of bein hurt or embarassed, but im sooo drawn to him & i know he feel somthin for me he jus so emotionally detached or hidden. Sigh what am I goin thru here? I dont want to lose a chance but im SCARED to take a chance!! Lbvs..

    Thanks & Blessings!

    Happy Holidays!

  • Hi ScorpVenusTauMoon,

    Wow, this guy sounds just like me (the planet placements)! My birthdate is 06/16/85. And I just broke up with a Sag man back in Nov. That's so weird! What is your guy's birthdate? What's yours? Where are you guys located? I'm so curious about the similarities. Anyway, I hope you guys were able to work it out. Best of luck!

  • So sorry it took so long...his birthday is a day after yours...6/17/1985 & mine is 11/26/1985. Things are kinda weird between us right now...he has all these chicks he flaunts in my face & he has been being very....Self centered. In a way I think he trying to make me works sometimes ((Scorpio Venus & Rising)) but idk. Things are weird right now. How about u? How did u guys turn out? What was it like?

  • Oh I'm so sorry. Speaking for myself, I think that deep down I have a lot of insecurities. There was someone a few years ago that really hurt me, and close relationships have been very hard for me. We were living together, and he moved to the mainland (I'm in Hawaii) to go to school. Maybe this is also your guy's problem? So then, I took it out on my most recent ex (born 12/16/1978). Like you, my latest ex also had a Scorpio Venus. I haven't spoken to him since last Nov. I felt that I just wanted to get out there and play the field since I'm still young (we were on and off for two years). I'm so sorry we Geminis are like this! But sometimes I hurt terribly because of how I treated him and am trying to change. I was hoping astrology will help me do this. I've been praying a lot, too. Does your guy show any signs of guilt? Where are you guys located? You aren't in Hawaii by any chance are you? (I know you said you're a Texas gal, but not quite sure if you're still in Texas). Anyway, it's too late for us considering my Sag ex has a new girlfriend (another Sag). I'm sure you'll find a new guy soon, too. Sags are very attractive! 🙂 So get out there and find a good man! Let God deal with your Gemini player, as He is dealing with me. Good luck to you.

  • Thanks for the uplifting words. I have praying as well to get an understanding. I'm hurt, a lot seeing as though he seems to be with an 18yr old Pisces, but he says its not what I think & he stills flaunts around with other chicks. That's the reality of it but I can't ignore any of the energy exchanges. The insecurity issues I'm not sure about. He is not the "relationship" type but He did lose his mother almost 3yrs ago. Her sun is coincedentally in Sagittarius. I do want to point out that my moon exactly conjuncts his ic in his 4th I'm thinking I'm creating a sore spot of emotions that he is not ready to deal with, but idk too much about the placement. Now that you have pointed it out, he does seem to act a little guilty. He makes sure he doesn't ignore me & acknowledges me even while he with the other chicks. I have decided though to back off the pain & confusion is too much but something in me knows that it isnt comletely over. Why did you feel guilty? & I understand completely about the freedom Gems need even though my chart is drowned in Scorpio energy ima true Sag @ heart & I have never tried to cling onto him. & as for your Sag guy being with a Sag girl in my experience there's too much energy & too much tactless honesty to avoid tensions lol but I like astrology its great insight for the mind since our lives are built by the relationships with ourselves & others. Hawaii sounds interesting but ima full Texas gal...never leaving lol. Keep praying to know yourself as will I...25-27 has to be the hardest ages by far...pls keep in touch its always fun to discuss the new things we learn

  • Oh & this has been an unofficial off & on thing for almost 2 yrs. U Gems are just misunderstood. But us Sag's also trust blindly...Blessings to you larks!

  • I'm praying for you ScorpVenusTauMoon! Oh wow, I'm currently seeing this Pisces guy with a Sag moon, Pisces venus, Cancer Mars, and Gem rising (I know this thanks to his mom's scrap book with his birth info). We'll see how this one goes. But the similarities are uncanny!! Not happy to hear about your Pisces problem, though. Sucks. Looks like your guy lost his mom around the same time my live-in guy decided to go to back to school. He was an Aries. I think your moon conjunct your guy's ic in the 4th house will be a good thing for you because the ic is about nurturing and the 4th house is about home, right? Maybe you'll always be home to him, even though he has all these girls on the side? Not quite sure - still pretty new to this astrology stuff. Maybe things will be better for you once the south node is no longer in Gem (his sign) and north node in Sag (his relationship sign). I think this will happen in August. I'm looking forward to it bc then maybe I'll stabilize some. This is absolutely terrible, but I feel guilty bc of the way I've treated the guys in my life. I actually cheated on my live-in Aries with the Sag guy. I justified it by saying my Aries guy was leaving anyway. Then I mistreated the Sag guy. I was horrible! But I've learned from this and hopefully wont repeat these mistakes. The best thing I can do now is wish both my Aries guy and Sag guy the best love. They were great guys. You know what, ScorpVenusTauMoon, you deserve better than this Gem guy! But I do understand that you feel strong connections with him. Only you know what's best for you. You seem to be pretty honest with the whole situation. Also, it's good that you've backed off a little bc I'm afraid he'll just keep hurting you. Yeah, maybe the next few years will be easier for both of us! Oh - my ex Sag and I started on Nov 2009 and ended on Nov 2011 -exactly 2 years of off and on. It didn't seem to be over, too, throughout those two years until it just was. Take care, girl. I heard Texas is a fun state 🙂

  • Hi Larks! I found out the last time I saw The Double Gem...while we were partying...his dad was passing away. So he has lost his dad & mom within a 3yr period. I'm in shock & I just want to go to him. Do you want to share email addresses?

  • Oh no, I'm so sorry! Poor guy. I lost my grandaunt, who was a very significant figure in my life, early last year. It was a very difficult time for me. Losing parents must be so much worse. I hope that he can find peace somehow. And I hope you can help him. Do you know how to send private messages here? I feel like I've revealed too much here and don't want to post my email address. I'll see if I can send you my email address privately. Anyway, my prayers to you guys.

  • Lol yes I agree...I dnt want to put my email on here either. But I'm not sure how to send private messages.....

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