Scorpio Woman told Virgo Man how she felt about him..

  • I'm a Scorpio Sun, Venus in Capricorn. I've been communicating with Virgo Man, Venus in Libra for some time. We knew each other years before as colleagues and were briefly together before I moved away. Now, thanks for Social Networking, we reconnected. He was completely charming and we arranged to see each other. He would contact me first thing every morning, last thing at night and we were getting along so well. We had an amazing weekend away together and everything was ticking over fine when we got back. At the beginning of this month, he started to slow down contact. In my panic I told him how I felt about him. I'm now not convinced that this was a good idea. He told me that not at any time did he feel like he had led me to believe that there was anything more than a good friendship between us and that I shouldn't ask him to say something about how he feels about me that he doesn't want to. I completely refute this. I fell very hard and there was nothing to say that he didn't feel the same. I wouldn't have told him how I felt if I didn't feel it was reciprocated. Now things are very strained and awkward between us and I'm so devastated. I can't get him out of my head and I think he's just started seeing someone.....

  • Virgos make up more bachelors and spinsters than any other sign because of their perfectionistic nature and the long interval they take to make up their minds. If they see something not to their liking or high standards, they will back off. Along with Cancer men, they are probably the most complained about partner on this forum.

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    Hopes this helps!

  • Venus in Libra: You respond to the power of someone's ideas, and love to be wowed by smart people. You're looking for the total package, and may seem detached while sizing up a potential mate. You're drawn to good-looking, intelligent, well-mannered people and will feel cheated if you think you've settled for less. You admire those that champion the cause of justice, and are turned off by snobby, aggressive, brash or arrogant people.

    The Venusian Libran’s approach to love is romantic but not necessarily steadfast, since so much depends on the ability of the partner to conform to a mentalized ideal of beauty and proper conduct. There may be a preoccupation with etiquette, as though love were an elaborate ritual to be conducted in a prescribed manner. The presence of Venus in Libra makes marriage a virtual necessity for personal fulfillment. At the least, there should be no dearth of romantic alliances. Under affliction, however, this same airy Venus can indicate a hedonistic approach to matters of the heart. The emotions are erotically sensitized so that one may be intoxicated by the subtle perfume of love without seeing the beloved as he or she actually is. The attitude to love is romantic, affectionate and idealistic. One may even fall in love with love. Here is someone with such a strong need for a loving relationship that potential may not be fully developed when alone. There is much kindness, sympathy and understanding, with time spent listening to the problems of others and lending moral support. Tact and diplomacy are usual, as is a great love of beauty and a comfortable (sometimes luxurious) lifestyle. Rich food eaten in congenial surroundings can make life worthwhile for someone with this placing. Negatively, there may be resentment, indecision and sybaritism (if laziness is shown elsewhere in the chart). Money will be spent openly and freely, but may be used to buy affection.

  • Its almost a week after I told him how I felt and I've heard nothing. He's completely backed off. He's online constantly but am convinced he's moved on. Wish I could do the same as he gave no indication that he didn't feel the same way. He was a total charmer to begin with and I completely fell for it, just as I did previously. I'm having a hard time getting my head around the fact that he can be in touch with me first thing in the morning and last thing at night, not to mention all the times during the day, for months, then nothing. Really feel like he's pulled the rug out from under me. Yes, I can be an over-emotional Scorpio, but I would never do that to someone.

  • You need to express all that anger and hurt to him, so as to release it from yourself and get closure. Write or email him a goodbye note telling him how he made you feel and then maybe next time he meets someone, he won't be so cavalier with their affections.

  • I'm sorry to hear about your brings back my own in my younger years...i know how exactly this roller coaster is and believe me you'd better leave...i hope you have done this since 2 weeks passed now since the last time you post.

    The funniest thing about having relation with Virgo male is (my best friend male is virgo, my ex is virgo and the man whose love unrequited by me and still willing to wait for it seems forever whoaa 🙂 is Virgo and even my boss is Virgo)...the more you chasing and rushing them the more they ran away. The more you seem ignorant to them, showing just tiny bit of your feeling yet being there to at least listen their story of how cruel the world to them lately...and simply support them...they will gradually attached to you. You will be on their top list. You will be his world.

    Previously i thought y ex was the cruelest and cold one, he made me confuse with his uncertainty feeling, etc..etc...i love him..hate him..hate him..that circle of feeling. He left me but i couldn't forget him. I wanted him come back so bad. But he's been as cold as ice. As time flied, i determined to move on, since we did not have any specific issues actually to separate. It just he thought we were not fit in. I was not fit in his life. He didn't openly said so but well yeah i assume that what he means in his complicated long words.

    So, i moved on and made him my past. I never said anything or contacted him again. Then after few months we accidentally met and things just ok, i meant we had this casual friendly talk like old time. Then, after few days he started contact me again and i could tell that our friendship return but not our lovey dovey hours. And it's better that way. Years passed and we remain friends up to now.

    The point is as Scorp, we are highly emotional creatures that want things right here...right now including for love. But sweetie, it doesn't work if you want to chase Mr. V. We are fast because we are easily to adapt to every situation...we're the survivor, when things get tough and rough, we crush and fly... but he is not. He is slow to begin with, he wants to make things right and proper...he wants to make sure that things won't get rough...nothing crushed and no one leave. Or it will hurt him for the rest of his life.

    No matter how outgoing and friendly they are, the real deal is he is the perfect loner. When, we Scorp just simply leave our past and happily eagerly transform into new light...they will sulk into the memories..hang onto it deep inside their heart and did not let go.

    Sometimes, i dont know whether they mean it or not, they wanted to show that they are beautiful soul hurt by the cruel world.

    My experiences taught me well, how tiring it can be to live with this man, yet they can be the sweetest thing you ever want in this world. You want to protect him and keep him happy...his vulnerable touches your knight side to shield...but then because Scorp believes in change and transformation, you'll wonder why this man hard to change? why they stuck and seem enjoying their miseries? and many more...

    But then, every individual apart from their star tribe is just unique and different. I hope you can find best way to solve your problem...keep positive and move on!

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