• What's the most effective approach in dealing with Cancer men once they've pulled their infamous disappearing act? I've grown tired and fed up with the Houdini antics (mind games, elusive behavior) especially with someone I've known for so long (12 years). Funny thing is, we've never actually dated! In fact, I've come clean & been very nice & open towards my friend, kept communication open and whatnot, yet here he goes again -- I've reached out to make contact but he's yet to reciprocate. It's been close to two months now, the last time I heard from him was the day before the Full Moon (Nov 9) & nothing since. In fact, he had such a negative attitude that day and was so mean it was almost shocking. Kind of funny it was the day before a Full Moon - anyway he's yet to communicate with me after several attempts on my part.

    Clearly I'm done attempting contact with him, because he evidently doesn't want to be found - why do they do this? Oh, and any insight on the emotional "mind games" would be helpful too, I'd like to understand what motivates this behavior as well. I understand Cancers carry their homes on their backs, and if things aren't going well they crawl back into their "shells".

    I'd love some insight and feedback on the best ways to deal with these guys!

  • I wouldn't hold my breath of getting any answers her...or anywhere else for that matter.... I have asked similar questions.... to no avail..

    Stop contacting him... could help.... His mental abuse.. or (mind games) you need to throw it back at him... Stand your ground... no matter the cost...

    IMO.. you should show him/it... that you really do not care.. which way it goes.... You want what you want... and be totally prepared to walk away.

    Good Luck.

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