Should I end this relationship

  • I've never done this before and don't know exactly how to interpret

    the reading I drew the following cards

    Daily Lesson Knight of Swords

    Challenges/Opportunities Four of Cups

    Situation Ace of Swords

    Advice Page of Swords

    Near Future King of Swords

    can anyone help me

  • ok- what is the question about?

    It is hard to give an accurate reading just by reading the cards- because what is most important are your thoughts at the time you drew the cards.

    anyway the situation looks like is more at mental phase- nothing is really happening except in your mind. The major element here is the air which focuses on the mind and the thinking process.

    It seems that you are contemplating a lost opportunity. Which can be a career change if the question was about work or the temptation to stray in your relationship.

  • I am trying to decide whether to break off

    my engagement

  • wow- if I were you I would not let the cards decide that for you. I would ask something like will my relationship still survive? Try to ask something from a positive perspective. Do your reading online by picking up new cards and come join me on my blog

    it is all free.

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