Captain, I got my Second blood test back

  • My liver readings were stil high, but they came down a bit. The ultrasound showed a healthy livet but they cant rule out liver disease. Oh, i have gallstones which might be causing the high readings. I now know what you ment when you said I will feel such joy after my surgery. I will know more tomorro, including if i need more tests. i hope my surgery is still on schedule. they arent sure if the medication i was on caused damage.

    i know you said my health problems will clear up and thats keeping me positive, well tat and knowing i cant give up.

    do you feel any changes? i still feel gret. thank you!

  • I feel you are in much shape than you or the doctors think.

  • That should be, much BETTER shape.

  • I am feeling a strong healthy energy glow radiating off you. It's very positive.

  • do youstill seeing all my issues clearing up?

    they said i was healthy, excet i have gallstones. do you see any other illness, like liver, hepititis, cancer?

  • Talked to my dr's nurse and they are taking my gallbladder out. No cancer, hepititis, etc. That should lower my liver levels. Doing it with my reversal surgery. Glad you see a healthy energy glow. Thanks!

  • I wish you well - literally! 🙂

  • Thanks! I feel really good. The joke around our home is I have had every organ screened and except for my abdominal adhesions which are sure to form, I am in great health.

    Do you see any problems with my reconnection of my intestines?

    You've been such a great help to us. You will be one of the 1st I contact after long as I have internet!

  • Your doctors are more than capable of handling any problems in the operation, should they arise.

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