1 Question Readings for 10 People Only

  • If Watergirl had not stepped in, I would have! Lord knows i´ve seen such snowball avalanche effect, i´ve even tried to staunch such ones only to be over killed LOL


  • I agree with CWB...

    Merry X-mas to Shuabby and to you all.


  • Merry Christmas from me as well and besh wishes for 2012!


  • This post is deleted!

  • This post is deleted!

  • Shuabby dear, so many changes and new beginnings! it'll be my 1 personal year so all this is possible. My heart should heal completely in the new year. I hope so. 🙂 Thank you dear, Merry Christmas and Happy New 2012 for you!!!

  • Radiant Sun - my dear - not one of us directly stated or even implied that you were being dishonest or trying to take advantage. Why would you infer such a thing? We were just protecting Shuabby as sometimes these threads take off like a rocket and it becomes overwhelming to the reader. Most likely you and the 10th person to request were typing at the same time and it was the luck of the draw of who hit "post" in that split second. Don't be so defensive, honey. It's all good. 🙂

  • Dearest sweetest Radiant Sun.

    I am sure once Shuabby has dealt with the ten that did get in the short list she will open another one, and have you listed as the 1st of the new ten.

    I´ve seen in past posts when she has offered she has leant on the civilicy and joy for the lare comers to add the "last" one who saught to make the short list.

    Please do not loose heart sweetie. Shuabby is not one who lets anyone down. Its a huge part of her lovely warm kind personality.

    As Watergirl puts it, the few of us who do offer or and read we at times get before we can say bless you, a thread the size of 30 pages with requests. B4 we can get through it it´s been added additional 30 more pages.

    It´s a substantial load when that happens, and here sweetie, it happens alot, unless we look out for one another.

    Often newbies who try out for the 1st time offers but get blown away by the massive blasts of requests that comes in. They loose courage to even try.

    I have once helped such a one, and before i had worked myself through each post, replied each post, there were indeed a little over 30 pages with requests, when i was done there was another 30 pages to that thread. I took a break for small 2 hours and that thread had grown to almost 85 to 95 pages more.

    I was done in. Since have i not stepped in to help because even for a season reader like myself, BLMoon, Shuabby, Watergirl and more, it´s just too much.

    many readers do this in free time, free of charge, free will and from the kindness of our hearts. it takes a lot out of us.

    SO from observing and "mistakes" we´ve done we when offer set tough criterias up in order to not get:

    a. overwhelmed

    b. annoyed

    c. at loss

    d. burned out

    e. etc

    So darling, it´s nothing you did or didn´t do. it´s a lucks draw when its offered. Again i´ll say Shuabby most likely will offer again real soon and that she properly will set you on as number one on her new ten list.

    So smile, cheer up sweetie, as lady luck has yet not legft you. I doubt she will.


  • Joe Savy,

    Debbie got cold feet it seems and she has been very busy with her life. I am being told to tell you to send her a Christmas Card and flowers with a request to meet you in the future for a cup of coffee or tea. She seems withdrawn a bit here and she has her own baggage to work on and out. You will have to be patient with her , yet continue to hold your options open to meeting a woman with medium brown hair and she is very open and talkitive, I get an R in her name and she is very lively, has a group of friends that like to do outdoor actitivies.

    Joe I know you will find your ladylove in 2012. I sense she is near and you are ready for a serious commitment.

    Love is on it's way,


  • Charmed WitchBente

    You will have children within the next two years and I feel twins. I'm receiving that you would be wise not to do any fertility treatments, as you will not need to. I sense twins that come from you the natural way. A girl and a boy and the boy name I believe you already have chosen for him.

    The babies are shown with dark hair and blue eyes.

    You will meet a man that may be a bit younger than you not much though. He will have lighter hair and eyes. He is a man full of energy and lust for life in good ways. He likes to be outside and may hail from the North is what I get here. Lots of newness for you in 2012 and at the end of 2012, you will feel like you have done the job of living life very well and happiness is your reward along with those around you .

    Warm Blessing to you,


  • Hello Tellstar,

    I got a picture of a fish, a big one. So I hope you like to fish, as it comes in strong here

    You will live a comfortable life it feels like you may feel like you will be all alone, and spirit wants you to know that you will have more friends than you ever have if you make the effort to get out and be active. The senior activity center offers many rewarding activities and some travel and sightseeing too. You will be making new friends male and female and I hear the name of Alice here, Susan and Ralph. A food stand is appearing here as if though you thought about opening a roadside food stand perhaps with a friend. Spirit is showing it would be slow at first but will pick up as soon as you add more to the menu. You will have a grand retirement , one that will lead you to being happier than you have been in a long while.

    Please keep in touch with us here and let us know how you and your retirement are sailing along.

    Merry Christmas


  • dmick59

    I really am enjoying the warmer weather and more sunshine too. I have made some friends that will be a pleasure to know for a long time also.

    I have to say that I am being touched by spirit here as I am getting cold chills. You will end a relationship in 2012 and begin a new one with a man that has dark blonde hair, could have some gray in it and he brings with him a feeling of freedom to be just how you are and he will love every morsel of yourself that you care to give to him. You will sing a soul song with this man that is how connected you will be. New birth in business is here too, so if you are in business for yourself or he is than , it will grow and grow in the new year.

    You have some false friends around you and you will be ending some friendships early in the year, one is a woman that you always question her motives . She appears to have light hair or it is highligted .

    New Love is coming to you and you will be ready for it.

    Happy New Year


  • Hi Shuabby,

    Thought I read somewhere that you do this for a living - how may I contact you privately?

  • Hello BlackLadyDiver,

    What I am receiving here for you is that you are entering into a new sector of your life. It will take patience and inner strength. The new work that you learn will be your truth in this life and you will be excellent at what you do. I feel laughter and harmony in your life with a new friend coming in a woman that has dark brown hair and dark eyes and she is a earth mother that will be a loyal friend to you.

    Pay attention to your dreams in this new year as they will hold meaning and revelations.

    I see that your study and work pay off big time for you and lead you to more money and enjoyment of life. Your son that is a teenager will fall in love , we call it puppy love and will need your input to help him understand some of his feelings.

    You yourself will find the keys to love and happiness trough a man that has lived life and has a deep gentle soul. He will be very helpful to you and a friend first , than your feelings on both parts will grow deeper. I do not feel you will meet him until later on in 2012. Spring, Summertime.

    Start singing In The Good Old Summertime because you will feel so happy you will be singing by than.

    I wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


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  • RadientSun

    I know you are the 11th one but like a cat that has an extra toe I counted you in as you need to hear what spirit has to say.

    You are headed for success with a new cycle in your life in 2012. It feels so heavy here , like you have been walking a blank and afraid to jump into the dark waters and end a relationship that has run it course. You will end it and in so doing you will transition into action of new life where decisions and action will be called for. You do have courage and Judgement in the form of universal law will take place this new year and you will hear and see how what we give out we receive back to us.

    You will be taking pleasure in the simple things of life in 2012 because you will become free from emotional burdens. You will be seeing the truth in many situations that will lead you to becoming bolder and with this new found courage you will meet a man who is a professional man and he will have light-medium brown hair and stand 5'7 or 8 tall and he will love the water and sports connected to water. You two will take it slow and than the embers of passion will burn and you will experience a love you have never known before and waited for all your life to happen.

    I Got Love On My Mind should become one of your favorite songs in this new year.





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  • Happy Holidays Shuabby

    Thank You so much. I just start back to school for my masters for forensic psychology and I am

    so happy with it so far. And I know that this is where I should be. I do listen to my dreams and I will make sure that I listen to them. And make a note of them

    Happy Holidays to you thanks again BLD

  • Danceur

    I do not do readings for a living. Maybe in this new year I will try to do more readings, however I am a healer first and foremost. If you are interested in a private reading than please send me your e-mail address and I will give you the information needed.

    I hope that you are doing well and that you find a little something extra you were not expecting under your tree just for you.

    Happy Holidays


  • Dear Radiant Sun,

    I hope with CWB and Watergirl explanation made you understand that it wasn’t a personal attack or anything of the kind. I have been around this forum for a while now and have seen many readers have left this forum because of being overwhelmed. For the few that are around we watch each other’s back. So please understand that we mean well.

    And I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Blessed 2012.

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