1 Question Readings for 10 People Only

  • I'm a clairvoyant reader and as a gift to the 10 people that respond. I will answer a one question request. This is the time of year where we are to give and this is one way of doing so for me.

    Merry Christmas


  • Happy Holidays Shuabby!

    Thanks so much for your offer.

    My question is:

    Will Dennis and I get married in 2012?

  • Hello Shuabby, you have already answered my request but that was a year ago. 🙂

    Now if you are willing to tell me I would like to know what 2012 has in store for me.

    Marry Christmas and to you too. 🙂

  • Hello Shuabby, this is really lovely of you, God bless you.

    I would just like to know what is in store for me in regards to my love life please?

    Thank you very much, sending love and Light your way


  • Hello Shuabby, this is really lovely of you, God bless you.

    My date of birth is March 25,1954. His date of birth is September 2, 1963. Does he really love me or is he just using me?

    Thank you,


  • Dear Shuabby,

    I'm still waiting for my sister Rachel to send me an email. When will she do it?

    May you & loved ones have a blessed X'mas & a BLESSED New Year!

  • Hello Shuabby,

    I have been trying to get in touch with you for the past 3 weeks but without any luck.....

    I am writing to you with the hopes you can provide me with some insight. I met the woman (Debbie) you described previously (you can click my name to see your past posting) awhile back and your reading was correct. We became friends for a short time and then nothing happened and we lost touch. I tried to reconnect with her recently but have not heard a response from her. Can you please provide some insight into this relationship? I have been patient and have worked on myself a great deal the last year. Any possible chance to reconnect with her in the upcoming year?

    Thanks so much for your time,


  • Hello Shuabby - No question...just wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas 🙂

  • Hey gurlfriend!

    I dunno if u know this, but after my endomitriosis surgery where i was basically unable to carry any child to term, has now given me a chance for it. It´s a constant need in me, even more than before. One may say it´s close to being a fixé idea.

    Im trying to make questions into one. I know many has seen it from me, and replied n so forth n so on. BUT that was before i was diagnosed with endomitriosis n had supstantial surgery to remove it, and it´s not even a garantie it won´t come back.

    So, to my questions i hope to make into one question.

    Shuabby my gurlfriend, when with whom will i fall if at all pregnant with?

    Okay my best shot lol. patiently awaiting ya lovely insightful reply.


  • Shuabby,

    Thanks for sharing your gift. My question is what kind of life will I have when I retire?

  • This post is deleted!

  • Happy Holidays to You Shuabby

    My name is Illona Jameson and dob is July 12 1961 and do you see for me in the year 2012

    That is so awesome of you. Thank You and happy holidays and hope that your new year be a joyus one

    Illona aka BLD

  • This post is deleted!

  • ALL 10 REQUESTS HAVE BEEN FILLED. Actually, RadiantSun was the 11th person to ask a question...

    Sorry for being the policeman, but I know how these threads can snowball 🙂

  • Dear Rubyredlips,

    You and Dennis will marry. It may not be as soon in 2012 as you would like for it to be, as Dennis has some delays in his work that will hold the wedding up. I really feel that you will be a very happy bride and he a groom as it feels like you have waited for this to happen for all your life and you will not regret any of the time it took to walk down the aisle. I hear the song: At Last My Love Has Come Along....

    Happy New Year


  • Dear Monalisha,

    So good to hear from you again.

    The year 2012 holds for you all new beginnings I feel that you will come out of yourself and feel so much better for the doing. You will seek people this new year and want to converse with them and be a part of life's merry go round. You may join a club where there is dancing and activities that you find will bring the joy and laughter into your life that you so need.

    You will find alot of satisfaction in the arts this year . Creativity is the key to bringing you to a crossroads of life. There you may find a man that is a bet younger than you and he will help you to find fullfillment and joy in your love life.

    People will assist you in any area that you need , all you'll have to do is ask. You will have a chance to change jobs this new year one in which you will feel you have found your purpose in life will appear and be offered to you, so be prepared for many rebirth situations in 2012.

    Please wear the stone of Turquoise as it is very healing and will help you find the balance and joy you deserve in 2012.

    Blessing To You


  • Dear LeoLou

    I feel that you are in a relationship with a man of power and he has to make time to be with you, I have to tell you that you have learned some soul lessons in this relationship and you will in 2012 find the courage and will to let this relationship end so that you have movement and find companionship of a loyal , good hearted man that will last for the rest of your life. He is and earth sigh and will have medium brown hair and seems like a green or hazel eyes.

    He is close so keep your eyes open and ears and heart too.

    Wear some Jade as it helps to cleanse and brings guidance to you.

    2012 will find you with an inner fire restored for life and balance in your love life.

    Many Happy Returns


  • arieslost,

    I pulled some cards to help me in seeking and answer to your question.

    In 2012 you will be rewarded for all the good that you have done for others in your life. You will be more social and given assistance when needed. You will find inner peace and stop fighting yourself by finding a purpose in your life that you place above anything else.

    You will have the courage and strength to let go of people that no longer make you happy.

    You will have regeneration and you yourself have very good intutition and could be called a Seer.

    There is a older man that will help you with some legal matters he will be born in November.

    Your final card is the lovebirds, this tells me that you will indeed find your soulmate in this new year and I also feel a residental move with you. I see the color of bright yellow and this will help you in finding the new place to live. The real estate sign or agent will have a yellow logo.

    New Life is all around you for 2012. Take the biggest bite out of it and enjoy every chew because YOU are on your way to happiness long lasting.

    Best Wishes to You


  • Dear Magickal,

    I am getting that Yes Rachel will send an e-mail to you within 10 days and that you yourself need to let go of anxiety and your own power in this situation and just comfront any issues that need attention .

    You are going through some transformations here and there is a man of authority in your life that puts up barriers that in 2012 you will find the courage to confront and go trough a rebirthing pain to forge ahead into your new walk of life . Please let me know how your life is flowing and if you need my help I'm here to answer your questions of life in this earthschool we all are traveling trough.

    LUck and Love will find you.


  • Hello Watergirl

    Thank you for being the policemon, as you are so right it will snowball.

    I have answered five requests and will answer the ending five Wednesday .

    Merry Christmas to you too.


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