To Captain Can you help me with a dream about Jan 12 2012

  • Hello Captain and Happy Holidays to you

    Captain I have a question. I have been having some kind of dream for the last three days. But I don't remember the dreams. But the only thing I can remember is that I heard something abou t

    January 7th 2012, I don't know anybody with that dob or anniversay or anything. It does not mean anything to me. Can you please help me.

    Thanks so much


  • Sorry, I can't interpret a dream unless I know what is was about. All I can ask you is how does thinking about that date make you feel? The feeling coming off a dream is very important in interpreting it.

  • Hello Captain

    I felt fine it was just the way it is the only thing I can remember. Because it is like when I get up I hear this january 7th 2012 and that has been in my mind it is like I did not dream at all but I know there was something because when I wake up there is something but I can't remember it at all. And I don't forget my dreams at all. but the january 7th 2012 is like somebody is saying it in my ear.

    That is all I can tell you

    Thanks Illona

  • Well, you only have a little over two weeks to wait to find out what that date holds for you.

  • Hello Captain

    You are right. I will let you know what happens on that day.

    God bless and thanks so much for all the help you give everybody and myself here on tarot.

    May you have a joyous xmas and happy new year.


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