Do i have a reason to fear something new? Cappy 1 16 81

  • I started toualking to a landscaper from TN a month ago. or5'9 165 multiracial,dark hair with light eyes. So far we have been talking daily.He show much concern, intrest, and is talking about visit to MO for my birthday. I do wonder if he's a good Guy I should get to know or a someone who's not worth it. C born10/14/82 and I born 1/16/81 .HELP

  • This will make a better friendship than a love affair or marriage. There is more a mental orientation here than anything else - you will share an independence of thought, manner and speech and possibly some quite radical philosophical viewpoints and a staunch desire to protect the disenfranchised. Because of your strong personalities, there may also be some conflict, stress, and friction but in this case these irritations can give the relationship a forward push and energy that it might not have without them. Together you may have a tendency towards procrastination, but the relationship's slight impatience can periodically give it a shove, ideally in the right direction for success.

    A love affair or marriage here will not be completely stable. It can from time to time be rocked by dissension, with the two of you stubbornly refusing to give in on most issues. Although you both have the ability to express love and sympathy, your greater need seems to be keeping your own individuality, so that you will ofren make a point of not compromising, or will make up only after the argument has subsided.That both of you can be brutally honest may make things better in the long run but is extremely trying in the short term. Learning a little compromise and diplomacy will ensure the 'friendship' stays in the relationship.

  • Thank You Captin I really needed that! Happy Holidays!

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