Seeking a reading, please

  • Hello --

    I would like to request a reading, please. My specific areas of focus are my career, finances, health, and the potential of a relationship with a specific man (his DOB is 6/16/1970).

    Further, I have frequent "visits" from a spirit in my house who turns on my kitchen light; I believe it's my paternal grandmother -- am I correct that it's her? If not, who is it? Just wondering. 🙂

    My date of birth is 9/20/1970.

    Thank you so much, and blessings now and in the new year --


  • Your relationship potential: this can be fun for a romantic fling but it will probably not progress any further or deeper. It is an easygoing relationship which can feature many serendipitous occurrences that charm and delight. It may have been one such occurrence that brought you together in the first place. Psychic or electric connections may emerge between the two of you and each would know what the other is thinking. Your friend is a seeker in search of beauty and a relationship can be born out of this mutual occupation. There is almost a feeling of destiny here, as if you were meant to be together. Yet your possessiveness or his independence and inability to settle down can sour this light-hearted relationship. He doesn't have the healthiest idea of what family is, either, while your fears of letting go, trusting, or making a mistake can inhibit your life and relationships.

    The upside here is that the relationship can run perfectly well by itself, without interference; the downside is its tendency to drift or stagnate, with neither of you having the willpower to do anything about it. This curious malaise may be cured if a disturbing event or threatening situation emerges that demands prompt action. Such disturbing events can occur with a certain frequency here, but their revival of your dormant relationship is necessary from time to time. Otherwise the two of you will just drift further and further apart until nothing is left to revive.

    You BizzyBird are here in life to break down the emotional barriers that keep you from sharing your feelings, ideas, or concerns with others. Sensitive, though often closed and secretive, you came into this lifetime with a talent for shrouding yourself in mystery; and so adept have you become at hiding your true nature that you may not be sure of who you are or what you really feel. Thus you must become reacquainted with yourself. You may nurse pain and resentment from past wounds and possess elaborate defence mechanisms to protect you from further pain. Developing hope and trust will help you heal your scars and reveal yourself openly to others. Your core lesson is to learn to trust, and to not need to feel superior in order to function and thrive. Your goal is to strip away the defences you built up to protect your delicate nature and reveal who you are to both yourself and the world, using your gifts of observation, sensitivity, and diligence.

    You can experience a number of difficulties and obstacles to success when you allow your conflicts to hinder your search for greater self-understanding and self-realization. Though the quest for spiritual context ought to figure prominently in your life, it may take you longer than most to find your answers, since you may be distracted by superficial, worldly or romantic pursuits. Yet at the heart of your quest is the impulse to align yourself with more universal concepts, ideas, and laws. If you can summon the courage to go within and face down the demons of fear, inadequacy, and the need to submerge your own identity in unhealthy relationships with others, you will find a rare and surprising beauty that need not stay hidden within the confines of your own heart.

    Your challenge is not to fall so in love with your own false front or social mask that you forget who you really are. You have to allow yourself the odd tantrum or show of frustration, if only because it reveals a crack in your armour and lets other people know you are vulnerable and therefore real. Despite your general closedness and enigmatic nature, you are often viewed as attractive by other people, but only when you are natural and not pretending to be nice or polite. You should gravitate towards companions who will encourage you to be more open, sharing, and direct in your approach. Having a close circle of valued friends to whom you can reveal yourself is essential. They will often be found through your career or chosen field, since the structure of the workplace and its implicit taboos on deeper involvements can provide a safe arena for you to practice your lessons of dropping your barriers and learning to trust. Once you have gained a taste for being appreciated for your creative talents and acknowledged for who you really are, you tend to open yourself to others more and more. The end result will be a significant improvement in your interpersonal and intimate relationships.

    What you really want is to be right all the time and to be perfect in the sense that you - and everyone else - is following 'the plan' 100% of the time. But you want everyone to be in total, perfect alignment with 'the plan' you think is right. First you need to accept that you do not know what 'the plan' is. You must turn away from rigid physical and material planning and refocus on the larger spiritual vision. Through trusting and surrendering to the wisdom of the Higher Power, you can watch life's circumstances with the conviction that what is unfolding is indeed part of 'the plan'. Then the way becomes clear. You are filled with calm and feel in alignment with 'the plan' because the spiritual vision is the energy of perfection you are seeking. At times you have slipped into an enlightened state - a state of total connection with the universe. Your life purpose is to nurture that state and make it part of your daily experience.

    Your Achilles' Heel is your compulsive need for order. ("My survival depends on everything being in order according to my view of how life ought to be and how others ought to behave.") It can lead to an unending search for perfection that is a bottomless pit. Life and other people are never in a static state of perfect order long enough for you to feel secure, and your expectations can lead to continual tension and anxiety. You postpone trust and joy by not letting go of control. Accept that the Universe's plan is better than yours and that things are unfolding properly, regardless of how it seems. The only place you can create perfect order is within yourself by surrendering to the Higher Power and trusting that everything is indeed in order.

    2012 for you will be all about is sacrifice and compassion. You maybe called upon to help others, especially in your family in ways that you don’t believe (right now) you are capable of, but you are and will be. Next year will be more about serving others and expanding your compassion, sense of humanity and charity. Your connection to your higher self, inner strength and spirituality will be heightened and challenged. It is best to trust in powers greater then yourself to help guide you through 2012 - if you do so, you will do the world and your family tremendous good. 2013 will give you a break and a chance to replenish yourself, so remember that these sacrifices will not be permanent, and try to embrace them and grow from this opportunity for giving. 2012 is all about opening your heart and real self to others, something you very much need to learn to do more often.

    2012 for you intensifies feelings in existing relationships and enables you to make new emotional connections. Many people find a soul mate during this phase. You are must likely to get married or engaged during this harmonious year. Although this can be a wonderful experience, it can also be sobering as well it often presents a choice: to make a commitment or not. You may also prefer more to spend more time with family or an intimate circle of friends. A friend that you meet during 2012 is likely to become a friend for life. Health will generally be good unless you create an illness or accident to gain someone's attention or or go on disability as you no longer wish to work or function.

    2012 for you will be a year during which you can begin to concentrate on what you have at hand. You will go over some of the previous structures you built and the issues you faced during 2010 - home, family, love, relationships, career - but minus struggling with the challenges and the confrontations. During 2012, you will be able to enjoy the fruits of your labors and the foundations established two years earlier. It will be a time for enjoying an atmosphere of harmony, relationships, productivity, and success. You will tend to find yourself surrounded by the best in friends, family, home, beauty, health, food, and everyday luxuries. All the resources that you need will be available to you as long as you take your responsibilities and duties seriously. It will be a time of optimism, understanding, justice, and reciprocation. The more you give, the more you will receive in 2012. Your morale should be high. While you will be making the most of whatever you have already accomplished, you will also be able to make the most of new opportunities. Vocational and financial matters will tend to go well in general, although they won't be your main focus or interest in 2012.

    I feel that the spirit in your kitchen is not your grandmother (though she does visit) but a younger, more mischievous person.

    I hope this reading has helped!

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