Blmoon can I please request a reading to make the right decision

  • Dear Blmoon

    You have been so helpful to me in the past and I really need some help in making the right decision.

    I have been proposed to by 2 guys but I am scared and confused as to who the right person is for me.

    One I met 8 years ago and he has come back into my life after all this time. Is it a weird coincidence (his d.o.b is 6/9/75). The other one I met last year and he says he loves me very much but his actions don't follow his words and he has been making grand promises but I'm not sure if he really knows what he wants. His life is a bit more complicated in that its only been a year since his divorce, he has a small child and he lives overseas (his d.o.b 16/4/82). I really care for him but I am scared as to whether this is the right step for me to just leave everything and move overseas.

    I know the decision is ultimately mine but really i don't trust myself to make the right decision for myself because in the past I have made many mistakes which have led me to being very unhappy now.

    Please can u help me

    Thank you


  • I' sure Blmoon will answer you when she comes back here. But I am wondering why you feel you have to marry either of these guys? What's the hurry? Why not just date them both until you are surer of your feelings and theirs? You can take your time - you don't have to rush into a decision just because they want one from you. It's your life. Neither of them may work out to be what you really want, anyway.

  • Thank you The Captain.

    Its just that in my culture I am not allowed to have a relationship outside marriage and I really do want to be in a relationship now and start a family. I guess I shouldn't hurry it but I want to have that close bond a wife has with her husband. Unfortunately I am not able to get to know either of these guys intimately so I needed some guidance. I hope that Blmoon could shed some light on the situation and yes you may be right that perhaps neither of these guys are right for me.

    I will take your advice though not to rush into anything since that usually doesn't end up turning out right.

    Thanks again


  • If it's not a resounding yes, then the answer should be no.

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