AstraAngel, I need you!

  • I recently told a guy that I have feelings for him and was told that the feeling is mutual. He's super affectionate towards me and always tells me that I make him feel better. Now he tells me he doesn't know what he wants, but that he's not using me. He said that his affections are true and that he means it when he kisses me. I'm lost.

    I guess I want to know where this is going?! Or if his feelings aren't true? Should I wait it out or run?

  • Hey surlemare

    I am on the road at the moment but will circle back with you - meanwhile check out the post I just gave sadsag and think about reasons why you might want the relationship to pause and see what you think:

    These situations are arising (I believe) from within us, subconsciously. For some reason he is acting exactly as you want him to act.

    When I get back I will try that same heart spread for you and see what we can see.

    love and light


  • OK surlemare, let's look at this

    I am going to use this lover's heart spread again and see what it reveals.

    You are the Queen of Cups (1) and your lover is the King of Cups (2).

    3. What you are desiring from the relationship - Eight of Pentacles! - Hmm, that is interesting. This tells me you are wanting something work related in connected with the relationship. Material. Could be trying to say you really want the relationship to "work" out.

    4. What he is desiring from the relationship? The Tower - this can mean anything from endings to something very passionate and explosive. I will circle back on this lets look at the rest of the cards.

    5. Where the relationship currently stands - The Magician - So, this is an indication that strong magical energies are being channeled to change the course of the relationship. You are subconsciously really tapping into the Universe to bring into manifestation something you really want here.

    6. The outcome - Page of Wands - communications. That is the sense I have here, is that you are trying to use your magic to enhance and deepen sincere communications with him. This is very important to you.

    So you are adopting a role as the Eight of Pentacles which is the "apprentice" card. Working at something repetitively until you get it right. So I you are wanting the relationship to be exactly as it currently stands in order to deepen communication skills with him.

    This requires him to become "The Tower" where something is felt like it is ending in his like, sweeping changes, the old vanishing, and that leaves him very confused and not sure of what he wants - those are typical feelings associated with the Tower.

    Now, why would you want that to happen with him? Subconsciously you are wanting there to be issues in the relationship so you can talk about it! You really love talking to him and it melts your heart when he says things like "I am confused... I am not sure..." That positions you as the partner who has their act together, and you become the shoulder he can lean on.

    What does that achieve? Trust. You are after his trust, and to get there he needs to know he can confide with you and be himself and not be afraid. So for him this is a vulnerable point in his life... he has very deep feelings for you, but you want him to melt into you. Bare his soul... be willing to be weak in your presence... that endears you to him, for you know he is honest and sincere.

    You are creating this relationship, he is picking up on your desires and reflecting back to you exactly what you want (subconsciously). Now, in your waking life with him, the relationship feels uncertain... you have questions about him... questions about the future of the relationship... and this is exactly what you want! Your dream companion is someone who will be themselves and not hide feeling weak, and uncertain... so that YOU can be there for him, and hold him and offer your intuition and love... then he will respond to that. And them his life will stabilize and you two will enter a sweet romance that is very intimate and affectionate and close.

    That is what I see happening! When I saw that Page of Wands show up as the outcome, I knew right there what you want more than anything. It's communication... openness... honesty and tears if need be... then, a foundation is established where you can really, really trust each other.

    I drew one more card on top of the Tower and that is the Nine of Pentacles, See? That is YOU! This card would have been the Eight of Pentacles had their been another one in the deck... so the angels bring forth the closest card they can... the nine of pentacles.

    He is reflecting you perfectly! He is very tuned into you and though your conscious mind sees a guy with a lot of questions, and is a little confused, deep down this is exactly what you need right now in a relationship. A guy to try to understand, to get inside his life more... to empathize and relate so that you become him... and he becomes you... that is what is happening.

    You two are (or are trying to become) soul mates... perhaps twin flames!... it is very beautiful, like a dance. So the relationship is perfect! you are in your communication phase with your antenna out there signaling each other and finding your connections... so nothing to worry about.

    My guess is that you are arranging matters subconsciously so that you will have little times to get together and talk... perhaps for coffee or tea... that seems to be what is so important to the two of you right now. Communication. In a very mysterious way back and forth. Lovely, lovely altogether lovely.

    From your hearts.

    I hope that helps...

    love and light,


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