Pisces woman to choose between an Aries man and a Virgo man

  • Dear all

    I have had 2 marriage proposals recently from an Aries man (16.4.82) and a Virgo man (6.9.75)

    My date of birth is 18.2.77.

    I love the Aries man more but he is coming with a huge range of complications including a child from his previous marriage which failed after a year because he cheated on his ex and he has only been divorced a year. He is also overseas which will require me to relocate.

    The Virgo man is ideal in every sense, he has the perfect job, no complicated past and he lives local. he is wanting to get married to me asap.

    I am really confused. To all my family and friends the Virgo guy is the obvious choice and in my head I know i will have a more secure life with him, but my heart is attached to this Aries man who spent this whole year trying to win me over. Is this a case of love is blind?

    This is the biggest decision of my life and I would really appreciate some insight on how to make this decision or even whether none of these guys are right for me and perhaps I should move on.

    If anyone can help I would be most grateful.


  • Naturally we will need more information on them as well as more info on yourself before we can give this advice.

  • Hi Misha,

    Without not knowing much about your situation it seems to me that this is a rushed decision with either man you pick. Have you been seeing them both at the same time that you have this situation? What is the rush? Perhaps you can continue to know them both. You could say that you are not saying no but that you prefer to wait at the moment. On the other hand, if you know who you love you can follow your heart but I believe with the Aries man there is a huge red flag if he wants to marry you a year after his divorce. Divorce is a very traumatic experience for most people and I would doubt he is the exception, specially if there are children involved as well. Take it slow!!! That is my 5 cents...

  • Do they each know of the other? Whoever doesn't rush you and is willing to wait for you, that is who I would pick...

  • Misha77, what is the name of your Virgo man?

  • Thank you all for your advice.

    The name of the Virgo guy is Munice and the name of the Aries guy is Ameer .

    Basically I met Munice 8 years ago through an arranged marriage way. For some reason it never happened although he said he was interested in me. I never kept in touch with him, but last year I met him through an online website and we met up again. He proposed to me after a couple of meetings. The thing I am concerned with about him is that he is very opinionated especially in his religous views whereas I am more moderate. We have already had some conflict about our beliefs to a certain extent.

    With Ameer, I met him at my cousins wedding in 2010. We kept in touch online and through skype and he visited me here since he is from the US and I also visited him there and spent a considerable amount of time together. I have known him better and we started off as friends.

    My family are apprehensive about me marrying him because of his past and as he has responsibilities plus I will have to relocate. Its all a big risk.

    But I guess even though I know I am more suited to Munice since he is more mature, and intellectually we are on the same wavelength I feel a sense of freedom with Ameer, and he is young spirited like myself, although his immaturity is a worry for me as he doesn't like to discuss any serious topics.

    As you can see I am conflicted. Munice is not into dating for religious reasons and is therefore not happy to wait around, and I have felt some pressure from him in giving a decision. I have however postponed my decision until I feel really sure.

    Right now I don't really know what is right but everyone has told me that I won't meet the perfect guy and if i have chemistry and compatibility with anyone that should be enough.

    My head is saying go for Munice and my heart for Ameer.

    But I am ready to be married and I would just like to take a leap of faith and make the commitment now. I just want to know who the right person is I guess.

    I hope with this info perhaps anyone could shed some more light?

    Thank you

  • Misha, I don't know about Ameer, but I would definitely stay clear of Munice, because of his religeous beliefs. If your views are more liberal than his, that can become a major complication and a source of unhappiness for you after you marry him. Also being a Virgo, he is almost certainly a controlling type. Real maturity doesn't mean talking about serious subjects, it's about such things as getting to know each other well before you get married, for example, which means dating, and ability to compromise. You might find yourself in a very opressive situation with him. As for Ameer - try to get to know him really well and see how he makes you feel on the consistent basis. Above all, make judgement based on your own intuition, not on your family's opinions.

  • Thank you VoplySoply. I appreciate your advice.

    Kind regards


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