Cancer man + Pisces man, Reading(s?) please!

  • Should work out great, right? For the most part, it is. Considering the circumstances (us sharing a room, having long term future plans to create a homestead), I'd say we're doing pretty well. At least materially.

    The weird part is, I'm mostly into men, whereas he is mostly into girls. We've known each other for about 2 years now, and over that time we've been intimate. He thinks that he is probably bisexual, and that he is quite attracted to me, but when I come on a bit too strong(I can get kinda passionate), he gets scared, and that bothers me.

    At the moment, he is distancing himself from me under the pretense of 'not wanting to get tangled up emotionally' with me. All emotional fluctuations and arguments as to how he could have handled that better aside, that hurt me. He is scared of me, simply because I want to be close to him. It's not fair that I find someone that is good for me in so many ways but his moods fluctuate from 'be near me' to 'don't touch me'.

    I'd like a reading as to what direction I should be going with this. Some of me says that letting him use me to figure out his sexuality is just emotionally harmful to me. Some of me really really wants him. Do I keep going with him at this excruciatingly slow and yet somehow emotionally turbulent/fulfilling ride with him, or just stick to our concrete material plans and don't let myself attach myself to him in that way?

    I'm biased, or else I'd just read for myself. Thanks to anyone who thinks they can help!

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