AstraAngel..hope u will help me as well :(

  • Hello....

    After going through all these post , i have a ray of hope that i can get an insight from you .please don't disappoint me 😞 .right now i am going through a very bad emotional phase .since last 2 months not a single day has gone without tears in my eyes .my relationship of 5 yrs broke with my man. he was caring , loving compassionate ..everything to me 😞 . please let me know will i ever be able to make up with him is he right now ..he met with a major accident last month and i am not able to connect him dob is 01.08.82,5:30 am,ranchi(india) and his 08.06.82,9:55pm,mumbai(India). Please help me out 😞

  • Please help me out ...if anyone can do a reading for me ...pls 😞

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