Letting go

  • HI folks, just wanted to share and ask if anyone else has tried this. I do therapy for my back once a week and today the exercise involved tilting my pelvis. I was not able to do it. I discovered I had muscles that I knew nothing about. My therapist told me to release the muscles in my stomach, I could do that, but I could not release the muscles in my abdomen and in my pelvice area and when I tried I got very emotional and started crying. They have been so tight for so long, there must be so much baggage stuck in there. i have since tried releasing them slowly in the comfort of my home unobserved and I find that my head does not want them to be released because they are my defence mechanism, in the fight or flight mode.

    I don't really have a question, I just wonder how many of you are aware of these muscles and do you keep them tense the whole time or are they relaxed. . My therapist said it was all about letting go, both emotionally and physically and he reckons incontinence is also called by having those muscles so tense the whole time that there is nothing left to tense when laughing/sneezing etc.

    I did not think this would so hard. I have to learn to release these muscles. I cry like alittle child when I start.

    Good luck to you all if you do it, I am sure it can only be for our good, it is all about releasing and letting go.

    Hugs, Paddifluff

  • Paddi, what sort of position do you have to be in to flex these muscles? Do you lie down or stand up or what? How did you tilt your pelvis?

  • Captain I couldnot tilt when I was lying down, and I could not relax any of my stomach muscles separately. I tried again last night but for me all of these muscles from the conycx (sp.) to the upper stomach muscle work as one unit and my lower ones will not relax.

  • I'm not finding it easy either. I think it must take a lot of practice and control.

  • Yes that is what I think, I also do not think it is related to any emotional traumas from this lifetime so I for one don't know the demon I need to release.

    Good luck I guess practise makes perfect.


  • Oh and the pelvis tilt is from back to front to get rid of the hollow back like pulling your bum in not pushing it out. Impossible when lying down.

  • Maybe that's why I can't get rid of my tummy flab - not using the muscles.

  • That is what the therapist says to me, I din't have much just the remains of 4 pregnancies and he uses lots of mirrors so you are forced to really look at yourself andhe says if our posture is good then the flab disappears itself because you stretch up instead of being sunk in to yourself. Brw it is Cezar/Mensendieck. therapy not physio and it treats the root of the problem not a quick fix.


  • Interesting.

  • But a slow process

  • Hi Paddi,

    Do you mean to tilt your pelvis forward to flatten the arch of the back - like you do in Pilates - so that the lower back is protected?

    I can do that - but I have a different prob. I think I tend to slip into Pelvic misalignment and there's constant pain, though slight. Normally the body corrects misalignment on its own. But it's just one issue after another for me. I don't think I notice anymore whether I'm constantly tensing the muscles. Yesterday for a few hours, things went back into alignment, and I felt emotionally lighter instantly. Maybe you're right - it could be more than just physical.

  • Yes Danceur it is that movement but then a bit more. I must consult my clever book and see what it says about tight muscles and bad posture and pelvic misignment. That Louise Hay book probably has info too.


  • Hi Paddi

    Very interesting what your therapist has you doing. I hurt my back a # of years ago and I've always been told to contract my stomach muscles and to maintain that for protection. I danced when I was younger and was a exercise fanatic and twang ouch! hurt myself. The tilt your talking about is hard to do to let go because you need to use those muscles to do it.

    All my health issues are in my 2nd and 3rd chakra areas also. I believe all the negative tapes over the years have taken their toll. One of them was when I was younger and pushed myself so hard I was also a single mom had a physically demanding job and the unconscious thoughts that ran thru the streets of my mind were "I need a break"" I need to stop" that sorta thing. Whoa be careful of those thoughts. I got stopped alright, my back broke.(herniated disk)

    That particular tilt is a doosey w/ folks w/ back issues so I urge you to be careful.I trust your therapist is licensed etc? I am guessing that the emotions are connected to fears of hurting...more or again?Of course I could be wrong but that is what they would be for me.

    I have IC which is a bladder disease and Louise Hay says it's from being "pissed off" So that is my challenge to Let Go of my control and old resentments and accept my limitations forgive myself for pushing my body past what was healthy and hurt myself both physically and w/ my thoughts. We store so much in that area of our bodies. Our sexuality etc. I trust I have not stepped on toes by sharing this and that you are well.

    Cheers Pfree

  • Hi All,

    Try squeezing the muscles you use to not pass gas in public or to stop your flow of urine. The muscles used to do this are your pelvic floor muscles which do include your low back & abdomen muscles. Its very likely you have both emotional & physical tension to let go .... most of us do, some more than others.

    Blessed be


  • Oh I get it now - I can do that pelvic 'crunch' quite easily.

  • HI Pfree, no toes stepped on, I can relate to what you say, yes he is licensed and he takes it very easy. The emotion would be the hurt one like you say and the letting go is a big problem here too.

    The pelvic crunch is not what I was talking about, there are muscles running across under your belly button right down before your groin area, the ones that support a pregnant belly, and those are the ones that will not free up. As for the pelvic crunch, I have that crunched up nearly all the time so that when a sneeze does come there is nothing left to crunch to prevent urine flow. The therapist says this seems to be a common thing or at least it is not unusual and that incontinence is not only caused by weak pelvic floor muscles but also by these over-strained ones that cannot strain any further. So tge exercise is to release it and I find that very difficult and i cannot do it when the kids are running around, it is my mode of ready to spring into instant action.

    Otherwise fine, I don't have bad health just some aches and pains that need to be addressed.

    Hugs to you all, paddi

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