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  • How are you, haven't seen you around wanted to be sure you are okay? Wishing you Peace, Love and Much Light, in this holiday season. RC has been sick, I'm doing fine, seeing a lot and just being. Happy Holidays!

  • RC needs to see the Doc. Tell her her illness is a physical manifestation of a very deep grief---something deeply burried has bubbled up--actually--spirit shows me a sad horrid picture of a "little helpless girl" digging her way out of the dirt as if she had been burried--left for dead and all her life has been spent clawing her way out and yelling "I'm here" but nothing comes out---her voice is trapped. An event in her childhood has repeated pain the same time of year many times----tell her to look deep into the beginning of her sickness--that date is signifigant. I will pray for that little girl who lost her voice---perhaps that is why she-- the grown up---must keep writing--telling stories---searching--searching--searching! I pray the little girl is heard! Not just in her screams of raw pain and grief but after that RELEASE---in playful song---as an innocent child of God deserves! AMEN! SING Time Traveler---sing silly--sing loud---sing from your sweet little girl pure heart! You are heard--you are valued--you matter--you deserve. YOU are loved!



    THANKS for your hello of concern---I have been juggling a lot. Love the pic! I feel so RICH--all the jewels---I feel abundance really is knocking at my door---and yes, my arms are graciously WIDE OPEN and ready to RECEIVE! BLESSINGS!

  • Amen! They say the New Moon is full of abundance, me too I'm open, doors open, heart is open to receive, God's Grace and Mercy always! Amen!

    I'm gonna forward that to her, that illness has been too long, poor girl!


  • Happy Holidays! I gave her your message she can't log on for some reason, she says Thank You very much! Love, Peace and Much Light! Here is a piece of Red Velvet for you!

  • OH!!!!! my sweet weakness----I just swore no more sugars!! The elves are taunting me. I rarely keep sweets around--but holidays are such a good excuse. Sugar feels so good but my body doesn't agree---the stuff makes me moody and tired. What's up with that!? Actually spirit reminds me that if I ran around the block 6 times that lovely red velvet bliss would not be a problem! I was born in the fifties--when sugar was the magic stuff--cool aid--remember candies dots---sugar necklaces---sugar sugar colorful sugar---my mother used to feed me a spoonfull of sugar if I fussed!! No hugs--just sugar--boy that was one fix that has followed me for life. Do you get that one--poetica---sugar is love--sugar is a big warm hug? BLESSINGS!

  • Blmoon,

    So amazed when you offer up such information. It's like you take the words right out of my mouth sometimes. No pun intended. I am trying to figure out how far back all this stems, meaning how many lifetimes. I don't believe there was a trauma in my childhood in this lifetime although it could have been and I just buried it. But your words were amazing in describing how I feel. Even now my daughter will ask me a question and if I know she won't like my answer I usually opt to remain silent and at times I feel as if there is so much screaming to come out but I have not released it to avoid the repercussions. This is a topic to ponder further. I'll keep you posted on what comes of it. I'm feeling better at long last although I have noticed a fuel chest rattles in the last few days so perhaps what I thought was finally gone is not yet.

    Hope you had a nice holiday and you know you should indulge once in awhile have some cake. LOL

    Thank you and Poetic for thinking of me and keeping me in your prayers. For some reason I still am unable to sign in on my phone but got a moment to respond today so took advantage of that. Miss you all terribly. Here's to a wonderful, happy, healthy and enlightened new year. May great things come your way and mine, I am worthy afterall...

    Happy New Year if I don't get here before then. Blessings.

  • I get it, I do, sweetness is my weakness in more than one way, My grandmother made the hugest most delish cakes in the world! Really, I'm gonna give the health thing one more try joined a Gym today, wish me luck although the real enticement is the Hot tub, Spa and Sauna, at least I'll get out of the house and the snacks. Oh and lets not forget Chocolate!

    RC so glad to see you back and better, pay heed to those words Bluemoon gave, the little child inside, I envision myself as the little spunky kid I was and keep a garden which I allow her to have full control of and play all day, it must work.

    May you guys be Blessed to overflow and non stop Abunance, Peace, Light and Love in this coming New Year! Amen!

  • oOOPS, 2012

  • Love you guys will stop in again as soon as I can. Happy New Year.

  • Hola! I hope this year is going well so far, for me, just taking it one day at a time and waiting on the fireworks to start but enjoying all that I'm seeing and learning. I have a question for you if you have time, no hurry. The last few days I could sense a spirit or presence in my house, well I got a little spooked and blessed my home, I was wondering who it was or what it was. I believe it's now gone but I asked Captain did she sense anything and she believes it was a long ago Grandmother who was urgently trying to contact me. I can' t see them so I don't know why she didn't come in dream state, can you pick anything up? I have no idea what it could be about. Peace, Light and Much Love in this time of change! Namaste.

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  • If you had not been spooked you would have eventualy known on your own. Why were you spooked? Seems to me you have been a great listener and voice for spirit so far---but indirectly? Are you on the fence about that? You do not mind spreading the word but are you nervouse about acknowledging your own private connections to guides and spirits? Truth is , at any given moment all of us are surrounded by spirits---mostly passing by or our guides who follow us often---even our guarding Angel. Sometimes someone has just passed over and we may not know or seen them in years and years that but they often go through their life review---visit past moments of loving encounters and those are a bit more strongly felt. But should not feel scary unless they had hurt you and that moment was reall for a moment. Spirit is saying the word BIRTHDAY---so something about the spirit you encountered--who encountered YOU has a birthday connection---this could mean an actual birthday connection to this month OR it could mean a birth announcement or pregnancy news coming. Perhaps this spirit has been close and is about to reenter the earth again in a near future pregnancy--not nessasarelly yours! Don't faint. Since you did react with fear and in a way sent the spirit away I can't be sure at the moment as you have many spirits around you at the moment I can not be exactly sure who strongly aproached you but do hear spirit say it is time---as if you need to make a next step---get off the fence. Step into your own power as a messanger and a voice. Fear is not good and mostly one just does not get a dark visit from nowhere--specially in their home unless that home already had that spirit there--which you would have known. The only time I feel the need to bless my house for possible negative presence is if someone else has brought them . People who are depressed--angry--troubled---a mess in their lives can change the energy of one's home if they stay too long and attract darker spirits of lower energy---usually you will feel that. OR it can happen when you bring an item into your home that has a history and a spirit follows that---say a thrift store buy or yardsale. I have often noticed something wonderful in a thrift store--but when I pick it up feel a sudden yukiness and even though I wanted it--put it down. I have also felt good vibes---heard a sweet loving voice say oh please give this a home--I loved this piece, don't you? What has changed in your home? On rare occasions one can meet new people and one of their followers may follow you---often as a warning that maybe this new friend or possible friend should be reconsidered. I'm not telling you this as a prediction but spirit insists that knowledge is needed as the more you understand the less fearful you will be. A grandmother visit would not feel scary and you are right---they do whisper in our ears at sleep wether we remember or not. Their is also living energy that we can pick up---I call poisen arrows. This is energy sent from the living. AND unfortunetly there are gifted people out there who are not in a good place and use their energy negatively by projecting thoughts your way. You need to be aware of that as well just by being here on this site. It is a public site and if you post something that ticks off someone or makes them jelouse---usually they are very ego driven and they suddenly focus their thoughts on you---and those thoughts are not kind---you can feel that. Every once in awhile I have to disapear from here because a dark intention is on the attack. Poisen arrows are real but should not seduce you or have power over you. So when considering sudden "feelings" of negative or scary energy in your home do not leave out the live ones! Because you do spread so much good and light and love it does mean that something dark would just love to take you down a peg--that tug of war between good and evil. Darker energies often use people as their vessels---just like good spirits use you as a messanger. Darker energies use people with lower energies like fear--anger--resentment---hate---EGO is usually the biggest attraction. Not all psychic people are born good and ready to serve. Healers can go wrong---be blindly in denial about their responsability to their gift and in their own blindness send hurtful energy. Mostly what I pick up is that you are safe. You have a lot of protection around you. Evil exhists but goodness prevails. That never changes. There is always a counter blessing of good. As for poisen arrows---if for any reason you do feel that connection with anyone--even if it is a gut suspicion---blessing your home is good but do it in strength not fear and before sleep visualize a protective barrier around you or your home---see the arrows coming towards you---see them hit your barrier of wall or light and see those arrows return to sender---you can even say the words---I am safe--all poisen arrows sent to me can not touch me and only return to sender. Spirit is now saying YOU KNOW--trust yourself----you did have a gut feeling but seek validation. Spirit is guiding you to seek more knowledge so you can step into your power and continue being of service--you are safe--it's all good! BLESSINGS!

    PS--Don't forget Saint Michael! Always ready---he serves to protect!

  • WELL HELLO TO YOU TOO! ALWAYS ABRUPT BUT I LOVE YOU ANYWAY! Anywho listen you hit so many possible points, I think we are going somewhere with the Birthday because I was talking to my Mom yesterday about my Aunt Audrey who has crossed over and who I remember telling me once post cross over that she would be coming back, someone near and dear to me is pregnant which actually devasted me at first but I am now accepting if it's God' Will. I know I am Divinely Protected, I know I'm full of light, I can see my guides and Angel lights and even Stars and actually my Guide appears to me and wakes me up some time but she does not talk, we just look at each other and communicate sorta threw feelings. I can't see ghosts, he can but I can't and I asked my guide was someone here who wished me ill and I mistakenly took the answer as a yes. I'm not afraid that way, the power is on the inside but I almost pooped my pants when I thought the response I got was Ill Will!

    Also my brother dropped an old table to my house and I told him I don't want it but he left it there anyway I blessed that table because I didn't know where it came from and I know sometimes energies can be attached to objects or things. Remember the Lucid dream I had awhile back where I thought it was Mary Magladene who told me God is Gifting you with the ability to see and hear? Well I'm seeing but not hearing, only now and then I hear. I now God my creator has big plans for me and I'm never alone, they never leave me and even watch me sleep, so I do acknowledge them daily, how can I not ? I do not fear anything remember we replace fear with love. There are dark energies out there and Reptilian Entities too not to mention if you have auric bleeding you can attract dark energies, I call on Arch Angel Michael If I feel I need too very rare. They touch me that doesn't scare me, it's when I don't know who it is but I now my power maybe not the full Extent but I have enough background to know. I don't even allow anyone to read me unless I tell them I give them permission. I know about Psychic attacks and I know that darkness is attracted to the light just like moths. I even said I can't help you, you need to go into the light. It's funny now almost every time we think someone is there it ends up being a relative, my thing is that they know I can't see them so Hello come in dream state like my Aunt sometimes does or my Grandfather. He can them and he is the one who is full of Fear and Anger, total opposite of me, light and dark all I can do is pray for him and I appeal to his higher self but don't buy into those emotions, I'm not owning anyone else's baggage.

    Thats why I get so frustrated, when my higher self starts talking to me I will feel better but I know I am beloved and safe all of us are. They appear mostly as Sacred Geometry symbols and circles and huge, huge orbs of Christ Light. I woke up one night in December on 12/12 because my body was vibrating to the extent it felt almost orgasmic, I saw a vision of Beautiful streams of Golden light and the light was streaming from what looked like Jesus down into my body, that was awesome as for getting off the fence, I don't think it's me, I'm ready like Freddy, remember we can't rush the Universe and I have been advanced so far so quickly that I'm saying I'm waiting on them for the next moves. Thanks a lot, I'm thinking it's Audrey my heart and her birthday was Jan 4, 1969.

    I bless my home to keep it clean and my space Sacred now and then, signed, not afraid at all!

    Here is a pic of Audry, thats my girl! I'm gonna tell her sister she was a twin.

    Speaking of people who drain you, I know I don't have to tell you to protect yourself and if you don't wanna be bothered don't. I don't ask for reasons because I know it all will be revealed to me in time, I also know that everything is a potential reality and it can change at anytime but Thanks a lot again.

  • I meant 01/04/1962. Now she was/is an Angel! Love!

  • p.s. What I meant was he can see ghosts but won't tell me because he thinks he encourages me, 🙂

  • What a beautiful energy----love the picture. And you DO hear! You just have a different idea of what you think that should be. You hear well---what can interfear is the logic brain that either doubts--has to make sense or interpets from their own expierience. I throw a lot out there that takes not trying too hard to please or question---like as I was posting you--I kept hearing birthday--then images then other imagges---my mind wanted it to be ONE meaning---My ego wants me not to get it wrong----it's being free with it and YOU validated--the birthday chorus was more than one thing! I immediatly saw it clearly in your answer----you upset by the birth anouncement--praying so intently for guidance and strength to have perspective and follow the higher road---and your dear angel with the January birthday coming to your side---helping you----holding you close as you cast off the emotions.---the fence is not about being ready---it's about trusting yourself--completely.. I am very visual and spirit shows me pictures that often make no sense to ME so much so I'm hesitant fearing looking foolish but try and bypass that . Good example was a reading weeks ago when even though it had nothing to do with the question on her mind I kept hearing change as in coins--it was so loud and annoying as I tried to ignore it but then I kept hearing quarters---so many quarters! Turned out as I was answering that postt---the woman was rolling quarters---she did have a bucket of change. Left to her by someone crossed over. I do not hear this outside of me as if someone is speakng outloud--altho I will hear a quike something out loud on very rare days but mostly it's in your head---Not so much as a thought but feels like someone telling you something. It is a little different than your own thoughts. Say you go to a store and pick a nice blouse but then rub it in your hand and think more in question or feeling--this feels Itchy---yes I think I'll pass. But a spirit talking would be more like---instant---almost louder and comanding----you'd hear "that's itchy" walk away. You don't think about it---it feels like a friend standing with you and saying it to you but it is heard in your head. As for that table----never keep anything in your home that your first gut reaction said NO. Get rid of it. And you were right on that last voice that said you don't have to tell me? to protect myself. Last night I was very much dealing with that . Somone family wise tests my boundries! Had sweet space for several weeks but they've come back----feel my neck tightening? Hugs! I'm out of time---will be back! BLESSINGS!

  • Funny, you know what, I talk a lot to, mentally I'm a chatter box, non stop like a parrot, very busy mind and I think I have Adult add. You remind me of John Edwards remember he would get images to and try to decipher them, dont ever doubt yourself, you have a beautiful gift and help so many who are hurting or bereaving over loved ones, you are a gift in more ways than one and I know it's not easy and I meant that part about not letting anyone over-tax or drain you! You were/are a very important part of my awakening and I shall never forget you. God Bless you! I don't know why I'm crying but I am, very emotional today for some reason. Love Ya!

  • Johnathan Edwards!!! what a compliment--I so love him---I get his e-mail newsletter. AND I picked up one of his books at a thrift store--it is so awesome the way he is special yet so human just like everyone else. And he is so funny! In his book called After life he shares a lot of his own adventure of learning and is just such an honest person---very outspoken and he laughs at himself---and yes he is visual like me---I know exactly how he feels when he's got that confused look and he says nervously--ok--um--ok---did?--wait a minute--ok--I'm getting a really strange image. Also, I can relate to how he admits to having images that he knows means a certein thing in his own language. Like if a spirit is saying teacher he knows that's the word because he always sees maybe a relitive of HIS that was a teacher so when she pops in his head he knows spirit is using that image for the word teacher. I get a few like that.. I have just been really thinking of him all week--he will be in the area and I got notice of tickets---not cheap!!! every year I hope to go but he comes through when I'm broke. And not all his apearences are small groups--he gives huge auditorium filled appearences and smaller groups but evry year it varies. I want a small group! He charges a fortune for private readings But he desrves it and erns it. I had just been thinking how I would love to be as consistantly good as him. AND--interesting that he blogged his newyear's resolution --his goal for this year was to have firmer boundries! He said even though he has always been concieose of that he felt he could do better and he wanted to preserve more energy and speak up more and to say NO more. He gave funny examples---one was how have you ever gone to a movie theator that was blissfully empty and some one comes in and sits right next to you or in front of you? COME ON! Realy? he said really!?-- Thank you for putting us togethe in the same thought! Like a cosmic hug! BLESSINGS!

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