• Hi I'm new to this Forum. But I appreciate the help. I can never find these things on my own! Shadowmist, can you give a bigger clue. I have no idea where it is! Thank you!

  • Oh, I found it! Thank you Shadowmist!

  • @ Shadowmist. Wow! That was easy! Many thanks! I was just there earlier but didn't scroll down far enough.

  • GEE,,, I cant find it::(

  • hermither its especially this week its for loved ones & friends

  • glad I could help many thanks to flowsco for sharing her tips

  • GOT IT!:) Thank you and Merry Christmas !!!!

  • i can't find it!!!i need more help with the clue

  • ljeljena-dont feel bad. My brain is just not putting it together either. More clues should come in time.

  • Too bad this gets so frustrating, it gets to where it isn't even fun... At this point I cant even figure out which clues are for the 24th? Maybe next hunt...

  • thank you blessed44times.i have been looking all day!still nothing

  • This week's forecast includes lots of love. (Hope that helps for those still searching for Evelyn)

  • Lovely Evelyn wants to share love with you this week, what message does she have for you?

  • Ok, so far shadowmist and pattysings and one more astro friend whose screen name I can't remember as I type now, (sorry!) have guided us into a loving place. And now that I've danced with Evelyn , I'm going to leave you all an EXTRA BONUS HINT ( yep, blessed44times and flowsco.....glad you appreciated my Fiona hint! And I"m glad it cracked you up, flowsco! Laughter is healing!:). Ok, for your clue:

    The green girl fairy find: When I met Evelyn and asked her for a fairy dance, I sensed at first she was a little apprehensive to mingle and flirt, as she really struck me as being not only a grounded, earthy gal, but a pretty eco -aware fairy who likes and prefers to have long term relationships with eyes for only one partner at a time. You see, astro friends, Evelyn confided in me...."I personally would find it HORO-ble to have to SCOPE for my LOVE-r on a WEEKLY basis." So, I told her I understood her concern, and that we'd GO and get DOWN JUST A BIT on the dance floor, and that would be it. We did, despite the neon flashing ads around us, beaming in through the windows of our dance club called LOVE. It was great, despite it being one night together of innocent intuitive moving. Oh, and she sends her love and solstice blessings to you all.:)

    ~~ Happy Discovering.....hope I helped, or at least entertained you with a short story!:)

  • weekly love horoscope

  • Hi everyone,

    I was out early for last day shopping and forgot to check Tarot...yet I see that Shadowmist brains didn't fail her this morning..LOL and that Islandq shared her creative writing aswell. 😉

    Evelyn is found!!! Thanks you guys.

    See you all tomorrow.. for the last Fairy.


  • Thank you so much to you all! I usually go through allll the website page, by, page so the clues were so much appreciated!

    I was a bit confused I was used to having the fairies/coins/lollipops in the left-hand corner of the page!

  • @ Lushsnow

    No, they are very active moving and hiding.... LOL.

  • thank you mercurian and patty sings for the tips it was dead on. had trouble finding the right page. thanks so much have a merry christmas e1.

  • To islandsq: THANK YOU

    Very helpful 🙂

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