Your Vibrational Level

  • Seminars. Classes. Hatha Yoga. Transcendental Meditation. Article after article. Hours of listening to a personal growth guru talk, talk, and talk - chances are you’ve tried one of these or maybe even all of them. Maybe they’ve helped. You’ve attracted some of the things you want in life, but if you’re like 99% of the rest of the world you have plenty more goals you want to accomplish, tons more wealth to be created and a lot more joy to be had. Perhaps you’ve invested your money, but are waiting on returns. Maybe you have a car, but not the one you wanted. Maybe you’ve got a great job, but it’s not your dream career. Perhaps your healthy, but you’re not as fit as you want to be. You have a partner or plenty of friends, but no one really special.

    In other words, you’re stuck in a manifesting rut. You’ve hit a level that may be normal or even above average, but it is not nearly where you want to be or know you can be. The reason for this is not because you haven’t worked hard enough or you haven’t attended enough seminars, and it’s not that you haven’t tried enough things.

    It’s because you haven’t tried raising your vibration. The sole reason why you are where you are is because you’re vibrating at the average human level of 207 on a scale that reaches 1000. Does it come as a surprise to you then, that the average human being is vibrating at JUST 207? Is it any surprise that millions of people around the world don’t know how to get out of feeling stressed, anxious, sad, and fearful… leaving them unable to move forward toward truth and fulfillment?

    If you're still not sure where you are on the vibrational scale, ask yourself which of these lifestyles or states you are currently living in -


    a) Pushing away true love: In vibrations of guilt or shame, you push away the love of your life from coming into your reality. Your vibrations may also push away the love that is given to you from someone already present in your life.

    Unfaithful lovers or other fears come true: Whatever your greatest fear is, your vibrations attract it. For example, if you fear your partner is unfaithful, then your partner will cheat on you.

    Tug of War: At levels of anger and/or pride, your vibration attracts a “Tug of War” relationship based on “Give or Take”. You then attract drama, and fighting becomes a central part of your relationship.

    b) Attracting true love: You allow the love of your life to enter into your reality, or you further deepen the connection with the love you are with. If the one you are with is not aligned with your true self of purpose, you joyfully attract one that is.

    Unconditional love: You attract a relationship filled with unconditional love, where you cherish each other for who you both truly are with trust and respect.

    Generous love: A higher vibrational relationship takes on a more generous viewpoint to lovingly give, which is healthier, happier and more balanced than a “Give or Take” relationship.


    a) Struggle to make ends meet: You associate struggling or being poor with nobleness and holiness. This vibration of guilt automatically shuts the flow of money to you and you attract hardship, or find it difficult to make ends meet.

    More pain, but no gain: Your vibrations send out the message that there isn’t enough money to go around, and so you attract a situation where you end up working harder and harder and yet seem to move nowhere.

    Win & lose: You make lots of money but it stems from anger or pride, such as if you came from a poor family and you’re set to prove that you’ll never be poor. This vibration acts as an attractor for anger in some part of your life, like relationships or poor health. It may also attract an ongoing cycle where you make a lot of money and then lose it all, then once more make a lot of money only to lose it again and again.

    b) Abundance constantly flows in: The flow of money is open to you because you know that money is neither good nor bad, it’s just energy that helps you facilitate freedom, generosity and compassion.

    Able to serve your life purpose: You understand that any high vibrations you attach to money will serve your purpose, whereas attaching negative vibrations like fear or judgment to money will not serve your purpose. For example, Mother Teresa’s high vibrational frequency manifested millions of dollars into her reality, which she chose to give away to serve her life purpose.

    Money is orchestrated for your benefit: Money comes into your life generously and is perfectly orchestrated for your benefit. You are able to receive money and facilitate what you want to do in your life without frustration and insecurity.


    a) Stress, burnout and relationships strained: At guilt or shame, you send out the vibration that you don’t deserve more or that you’ll just settle for the path that society’s expectations have programmed into you. You then attract a job that hurts your heart and diminishes your life source. This can often lead to burnout, stress, and can even affect your family and closest loved ones.

    Stuck in a rut: You stay in an unfulfilling job that doesn’t serve you and so your low vibrations shut out greater possibilities from entering your reality.

    b) You are living your joy: The job you do is the kind of job that you would do even if it didn’t pay you money, or you would continue doing it anyway even if you’ve already earned all the money you need.

    You are on a guided path that serves you: Even if you are “job-hopping”, each “stop” joyously contributes to your personal growth and purpose. Every step feels like the “right thing” for the moment, and you are not stuck in a place where you feel you have no direction or fulfillment.


    a) Disconnected and distant: Past emotional baggage and negative vibrations stuck in your programming push away your spouse and/or children from connecting deeply with you.

    Your family walks on eggshells around you: Your vibrations send out feelings of control and manipulation, pushing everyone’s buttons and causing them to be reactive to you. You end up attracting tense relationships with your children, spouse, parents, siblings and other loved ones.

    Holding back your loved ones from happiness: Energy cording is strongest in families, so your low vibrations can bring down your family’s happiness and joy, even if they are not physically around you or have no reason to be feeling upset.

    b) Deep connection and lifetime bond: Your children, spouse, parents, siblings and other loved ones are drawn toward you. The deep connection and lifetime bonds are easier. Even if your loved ones have issues that block them from being close to you, you’ll feel clear about their choices.

    Solve problems and diffuse fights: Your high vibration gives you a bird’s eye view when your children or your spouse come to you with a problem, and you are able to find solutions that serve everyone.

    Raising your family consciousness: Your high vibrations can also lift the low vibrations of those close to you, making them happier and more joyful, simply by being in their lives—and simply by just being YOU!


    a) Expensive medication and a burden to your loved ones: You accumulate long-term chronic pain or disease caused by stuck or stagnant energies of low vibration. Stress, unhealed heartache, and anger can be lodged in body systems. Medication can serve as temporary relief and maybe not a permanent cure, unless you release these energies. This can become very costly for your wallet, and even become a burden upon your loved ones.

    b) Happier, healthier, longer life: You are aware of how to clear stuck or stagnant energies of low vibration. This allows your body’s natural healing abilities to take charge. Your body is then arranged for good health and naturally eliminates ailments and diseases. You significantly reduce your chances of disease, and lead a happier, healthier, longer life.

    a) choices means you are living from your lower self, from a lower vibrational energy.

    b) choices indicate you are living from your infinite self, from a higher vibrational energy of at least 500.

    When you learn to shift your energetic frequencies to Love or Above, you will experience a richer, more fulfilling, and more enriching and lasting love life.

    When you learn to shift your energetic frequencies to Love or Above, you will be able to easily attract money to meet your needs, desires and purpose.

    When you learn to shift your energetic frequencies to Love or Above, you will be in a career that fulfills you and your family. Your “job” turns into your passion. And your passion becomes your mission. If you’re currently not in a fulfilling job, expect change and opportunity to start coming your way.

    When you learn to shift your energetic frequencies to Love or Above, you will have more joy, more love, more peace and more laughter with your spouse, children, siblings, parents and your closest loved ones.

    When you learn to shift your energetic frequencies to Love or Above, you will be able to enjoy life to the fullest, without being held back by common aches and pains or disease. Your body heals itself more rapidly and you no longer “look your age”.

    When you begin operating from your Infinite Self at vibrations of Love or Above, you’ll experience profound transformation in ALL areas of your life. You’ll laugh. You’ll cry. Your life will change—in the blink of an eye.

    "This is an extract from the work of healer, intuitive consultant and spiritual teacher, Christie Marie Sheldon."

  • Raising your Vibrations

    1000 is the highest state a human can attain. If you reach this level, you would be an Enlightened Master. At the lowest end of the spectrum is someone who is not thriving at all. At this lower end are those with large amounts of guilt and shame measuring at 20 and 30. As you rise up, you reach anger at 150. The reason why anger is much higher is that it is a moving energy which pushes you above apathy. There are two great spiritual growth barriers - the first is at 200 and the second at 500. 200 is the level of courage and moves humanity from destructive and harmful behaviour to a lifestyle that serves and benefits. Right now, the average level of energy on earth is 207. The next barrier is 500, which is the energy of love. When you vibrate at this level, life becomes drastically different. Love, joy and abundance are suddenly within your grasp. Pain, stress, and struggle melt away and you become a magnet for what you desire.

    The good news is that you do not need to reach 1000 to reap the benefits. All you have to do is raise your vibration to the level of Love or Above, which is 500. At 500 and above is where Love, Joy, and Abundance are all easily within your grasp. Once you’re vibrating at this level, you’ll become a magnet for the things you truly want. Remember - you are energy at your deepest core like any elemental force on earth, such as water. And just like water, your energy can be transformed into hot, cold, freezing or steaming. You can change your life vitality to increase it.

    What keeps us stuck in the lower vibrational levels? Negative thoughts, beliefs and feelings about certain subjects and events in life all lower our vibes. When people start thinking more positively, their personal energetic frequency also changes. This is because thoughts, beliefs, and ideas are often attached to fear, anger, guilt, shame, or one of the other lower energetic frequencies. The other reason we often operate from our lower selves is because of societal programming and influence. If you grew up in a society where it is normal to be violent or normal to be angry or normal to worry, these energetic frequencies will dominate you. The same is true in a family. All the thoughts, beliefs, and ideas you receive from your family were either from the Higher Self or Lower Self. When you accept these ideas, programs, and thoughts, they become part of your programming and you may not even be aware of them.

    Your Wise Self, Infinite Self or your Higher Self on the other hand, is connected to higher energetic frequencies like love, peace, joy, gratitude, and it acts like a magnet creating powerful Attractor Fields that bring all the fantastic things you desire into your life. The best part is that it’s very easy for anyone to change their lives if they simply choose to connect and allow in their Infinite Self. It’s just a choice. First you make a choice to move along the Higher Path. Then once you’ve made that decision, the right tools will unfold before you.

    Tool One: Asking questions. Sounds simple, yes? But so many people have become too fearful or apathetic to question where they are in life and what they want. Remove some of your vibrational blocks by looking deeply into yourself and asking yourself what you really want and why you aren’t getting it, who really loves you and who doesn't, and what you intend to do about it all. Also, look out into the world and dare to wonder “Why is it so?” Become curious about everyone and everything. Open your mind to the idea of everything and anything being at least possible.

    Tool Two: Meditation. Tapping into your higher self will give you the answers you seek, fill you with inspiration and allow you to harness those parts of yourself that you rarely use. Best of all, the more you connect to your Infinite Self, the happier you become!

    Tool Three: Connecting to Your Guides/Getting Support from a Higher Power. This tool is a favourite for many! When you open your awareness and connect to your Guides, you’ll get access to answers and guidance previously closed to you. You also start to find elegant synchronicities appearing in your life : unexpected phone calls, chance encounters, and opportunities falling into your lap. The greatest thing about connecting to your Guides is they will know exactly what unique spiritual gift you’ll need at this point in your life, and they’ll generously supply you with your very own spiritual gifts and opportunities to help you overcome obstacles and move towards a life of purpose. We are all actually connected to our guides - we just need to become aware of the many messages they send us every day and the various forms that they come in. It’s no coincidence that you hear a special song on the radio just when you are pondering a heavy question. Or a page in a book falls open with some sage advice. Don't expect to receive a message in the 'normal' or 'usual' way - just know that help will come if you ask for it.

    Tool Four: Cleaning up Negative Residual Energy from Your Being. We’re always picking up energy from around us during our day. You could pick up negative energy in the subway on your commute, or maybe somebody is mad at you and you’ve received the negative energy they directed at you. Other people give off their bad vibes without realizing it. They don't mean to push it all onto you, but a sensitive person’s absorbent nature pretty much invites them to do so on sight. If you're not skilled at blocking this, don't be afraid to take a little "me" time once a week or so. Take time off from people. Stay in, watch a feel-good movie, or do something else which makes you happy. Spend some time raising your vibration and you will clear a lot of that gunk out. That’s why, just like taking a shower, it’s important you (or an aura cleanser/healer) routinely clears energy. Any exercise that clears your energy field of emotional scars and negative energy you picked up along the way, clearing low vibrations and maintaining your energy levels in positive fields is of great benefit. It results in you feeling more energetic and powerful and radiant as you go through your day. Nothing is more purifying than clean water. Bathing is better than showering, because your entire body is cleansed more deeply than if you just twirl about under the shower. While you don't have to use any particular type of cleanser, something containing sage is wonderful. The more spiritually or emotionally ‘clogged’ you feel, the more likely sage will do the trick, as sage is one of the most purifying elements you can find. Burn it as an incense too to cleanse your home of bad vibes. If you've had a stressful day, take a second bath before you go to bed. You will feel far better when you wake up than you would without doing so. Or if you’re feeling super bogged down with negative energy, take a nap. Before going to sleep, ask your guides to help you clear the gunk away, and for help sorting out whatever it is that's bothering you if you have a particular problem. Mind what you eat too; you can stop yourself from attracting more negative energy or feeling spiritually ‘greasy‘ by eating healthy food. Cranberry juice and other types of juice can really make a body feel cleansed from the inside out. If you do try one of these, try to find something natural, as opposed to artificially flavoured. You want the naturally purifying properties, because they will do a much better job of clearing that energy away. Spending at least 5 or 10 minutes outside in the mornings (or whenever you wake up) to acclimate and align yourself with the universe is a great way to refresh and raise your vibes. Going outside to just sit and breathe in the fresh air can really ground your energy and give you a boost that really can't be achieved through any other method. The same can be said of going outside before bedtime. You don't have to do anything; in fact, it's better if you do nothing. Just sit there and be. It feels wonderful.

    Tool Five: Energy Radar/Becoming Immune to the Negative Energies of Those Around You. What if the majority of your thoughts in your head are not actually your own thoughts? Maybe you’ve stopped at a red traffic light and suddenly feel annoyed, even though you’re not running late. You could be an empath, picking up on the negative energy of the driver behind you whose running late. Because your body may often pick up on lower energies coming from someone else, this could unnecessarily be holding you down. To strengthen your natural shielding defense field, visualize a wall or force field around yourself. A glowing egg of energy works well, pick your favourite colour! The more vivid the shield you imagine, the stronger it will be. You can set this field to keep out any kind of information or energy you wish. This is perhaps the most common technique of shielding. You can also ground yourself and let excess energy flow off of you, by imagining a link or cord that goes from the base of your tailbone to a point deep within the Earth.

    Tool Six: Cord Cutting/Removing Old, Unresolved Energy Patterns that No Longer Serves You. Energy cords are very present within families and are often from negative emotions like fear, anger and worry. Energy cords holding you back often also come from ex-partners or ex-lovers. We form these “energy cords” with anyone we’ve had an intense encounter with, whether sexual or anger. Some cords are good, but many are negative and keep you tied energetically to people you may want to let go. Thing is, whatever trauma or main event that happens in your life will leave a mark in your energy. And if it’s negative, it can act as a “kink” in your future manifestation if you don’t clear them. Just recognizing that there are old past patterns holding you back can open the way for healing. Thank the person for being in your life (even if they taught you a negative lesson, it's still a valuable lesson) and imagine cutting the cord between you and letting it drop away.

    Tool Seven: Getting into Your Heart Space/Creating a Calm, Cool Confidence to Stride Towards Your Dreams. When things get stressful, when people are relying on you to make quick decisions, or perhaps when you’re simply feeling overwhelmed, it’s time to connect to your heart space. The heart center is the point of awareness where feelings and energy are. It is a space of consciousness and not just an organ that pumps blood. In its highest energy form, the heart space has the quality of peace and light. Breathe deeply and close your eyes, imagining you are inside your heart. Feel the love and peace there. Breathing is so important. Inhale through your nose and exhale slowly through the mouth. It should be very controlled, steady and slow. You don't want to rush it, you want to get every last bit of negative energy out of there, and to do that you need to do it slowly. That said, you need to work your way up to this: Do Not start out with 30 second inhalations, even if you can do it easily. Believe me when I tell you this can bring things to the surface that you are not ready to deal with. Start with 5 seconds in and out and then work your way up in increments of 5. And by this I mean 5 seconds each time for maybe a week or two, and then go up and follow that type of progression. Tapping into your heart space and centering your inner self by connecting to the source of your awareness in its purest form will prove incredibly beneficial. You’ll come out feeling calm and revived - and be able to tackle the challenges that lie in your way.

    Tool Eight: Blessing Ball of Light/Learning the Art of Giving ‘Blessings’. Imagine if you could hold in your hands a ball of light, and in this ball of light you can put in all the goodness that you can imagine. From happiness to joy, forgiveness to productivity and anything else your heart can imagine, this glowing ball of light will grow bigger and bigger with each blessing. And then —whoosh!— you can project this radiant energy vibration into your heart, or you could even send this energy to someone else’s heart, like your loved ones or children. Well, you don’t have to imagine anymore because this is the Blessing Ball of Light. Remember, you are a creator capable of creating your life, and with this tool you can make changes to your day, or someone else’s, ahead of time.

  • Thank you TheCaptain!

    That was a good 'refresher' and much needed for at this time in my life. A lot going on 😞 I purchased Christie's "Love or Above" CD set about 6mths ago and it was so very inspiring and enlightening! Really good good stuff!

    Thanks again for the encouraging reminder! 🙂

    I Bless you with Pure Light and Love, I Bless you with Purified Source Energy!!


  • Thank you, TT.

  • Great post Captain I hope lots of people read it and put it in to action!

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  • You're very welcome - I thought it was a good one, too.

  • Thanks Captain this is just what I needed!!!! wonderful tools

    many blessings love and happiness are sent to you

  • Good Topic, when my vibration is very high I can hear it almost like Static. 🙂

  • How to Clear A Space of Negative Energy

    by Christie Marie Sheldon

    1. Imagine a vortex or tornado that is purple in color and made of a beautiful glowing light. Imagine that it comes through and cleans out your entire house or space, and make sure it stays a little bit longer in all the areas that have really negative vibes.

    2. Or you can imagine yourself becoming a giant - bigger than the problem you are trying to solve, and you and your giant vacuum come and clean out all the debris from your life and home. Lift your roof off your house and clean it thoroughly. Put the roof back on and clean that too. Make sure you don’t miss under the house and around the yard. Really move into the ground about 20 feet down.

    3. Lastly, fill the space with whatever quality you want it to embody - Love, Peace, Deep Sleep,

    Harmony, Focus, etc. Remember to teach this technique to children so that they clean out their own space and can pick what energy they want to live in.

    Action Items

    • Pick a room in your home that may have negative energy or a place where people tend to !ght often.

    • Clap around the room to sense where the negative vibrations are. When you clap in an area of negative energy, you will get more of a “THUD” instead of a crisp, clean clap.

    • Once you find the area, clap around the area until you can get it light or imagine a huge vortex coming in and sucking out the negative energy.

    • Finish by blessing and !lling the room with pure Love and Light!

  • If you go to Christie's website of Love and Above, you can register to participate in a live online broadcast of Abundance Boosting on Dec 22 (US time). She is going to raise the vibes of everyone who tunes in to increase their abundance energy.

  • Very nice posts Captain, they are very logical.

  • Captain.. that's awesome post.. thank you for sharing with us all.. i truly hope others read and digest it see the truth.

  • I am thinking that the 300 vibrational level must be something about dealing with your issues/fears, and the level 400 about self-awareness: self-understanding/forgiveness.

  • I take that as directed at me?.. Im nothing special so why me?

  • Scully, it was not directed at you personally, otherwise I would have mentioned you by name. It was just something I was hoping to get some feedback on from everyone who is reading this thread. It was just a general topic for debate.

  • Not sure that the dealing with fears and issues raises the energy level to 300 and then spiritual to 400. Can one skip the dealing with fears and go directly to spirituality as a way to deal with fears? Not sure exactly what I feel about this except on a spiritual level, when I am more tuned in, I can actually feel and perhaps see my fears. Other times I'm not sure what I;m doing about them, perhaps that is why there is sand in my eyes. If I could get my head out of it I could see better.

    Gosh it feels like I have so much to learn and practice .

  • According to Christie's latest broadcast -

    Vibration level

    10 = apathy/failure to thrive

    20 = shame ("I am not good enough")

    30 = guilt ("I am bad")

    45 was Adolf Hitler's level

    50 = hate

    75 = grief

    100 = fear

    125 = desire

    150 = anger

    175 = pride

    200 = courage

    207 = current average vibration level of humanity

    250 = neutrality/objectivity

    310 = willingness

    350 = acceptance

    400 = reason

    450 = science/logic

    500 = love

    505 = manifestation of visions and dreams

    540 = joy/healing

    600 = peace

    700 = spirituality and enlightenment: the level of Mahatma Gandhi

    720 = Mother Teresa

    1000 = total mastery/ultimate consciousness

    Which level are you (maybe stuck) at?

    The best thing you can do for yourself and those around you this new year is to life your vibes to a higher level through being positive. You will then raise other people's vibes and help them to grow as well. Appreciation and gratitude can influence everything on earth, even seemingly inanimate objects. Your personal energetic level influences your whole life. Make your New Year resolution be to raise your vibrational level.

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