Need help interpreting a reading...PLEASE

  • Hello everyone and Happy Friday!!! I did a celtic cross for myself based on my current situation. I requested the outcome of my decision about my child. Here's what I got:

    1. Justice - reversed

    2. Judgement - reversed

    3. Queen of Pentacles

    4. 3 of Swords

    5. The Star

    6. 10 of Wands

    7. Knight of Wands

    8. The Tower

    9. Knight of Swords

    10. 10 of cups

    I couldn't be more confused with this reading. I am truly stumped and can't really interpret it because I am blocked because I really think I am starting to get alittle depressed about the situation. I tried to keep an open mind when I pulled them, however, all I kept thinking about was the d-bag father that broke my heart - again.

    So if anyone wants to take a guess as to how to interpret this - please let me know. I need to hear what an unbiased person can glean from these.....


  • Hello Paula

    Please don't be depressed.

    You have one excellent card - The Star on 5 position - to guide and protect you.

    Cards 1 - 4 --> yes, a little bit scary I know, specially when you also get The Tower on the 8 position. Cards 1 to 4 tell you you should rethink your decision. The Tower means you will be going through turbulent situations and experiencing some chaos, but it should be temporary, ok? Not a definitive situation.

    I don't know who the knight of swords is refering to, I don't even know if it is refering to someone in particular or to aspects of the situation or the personality of someone involved with it. But if it is refering to a man, oh dear, I would keep a distance from him, believe me, because that card relates do ruthlessness, revenge and manipulation.

    10 of Cups on 10 position --> excellent card!!!!!when it appears as an "outcome" card it is even more positive as this implies that the course of events is consistent with happy times for everyone as a result.

    So, I would interpret that spread as that you are going through turbulent times, but after all you've made the right decision and everyone will be ok.

    I wish you are so happy as I wish for myself as well!

  • Hmm, I can give this a shot... I usually read Celtic Cross with a Significator, but here goes:

    The situation is Justice /r -> the situation is grossly unbalanced, in a way that is harmful. Maybe you were unwilling or unable to see clearly, or maybe the situation is best described as the summary of someone else's disloyalty or falsity. The point is, the foundation is rotten.

    Judgement/r crosses you -> sometimes, haste makes waste. For you, though, you're probably indulging in self-doubt, which amounts to eternally "making up your mind." Judgement reversed implies a certain "fear of death," meaning fear of Death - change. Consider if your situation focuses on a refusal to choose change, or a desire to preserve the status quo; contemplate your situation from the perspective of choosing to not choose. The choice is hard, but Death (change) is inevitable; choose actively, with your Judgement (what happens after Death/change) in mind.

    Queen of Pentacles is beneath you - the situation is basically totally practical. The Queen of Pentacles

    3 of Swords is behind you - heartbreak and sorrow, but it's in the past. If you find yourself dwelling in sadness, this card may be telling you to let the greiving process be over - you have bigger fish to fry. The advantage is knowing that the bandage has been pulled off and still hurts, but there are no more bandages to rip.

    The Star is above you - sometimes despite our best intentions, what we want is not good for us. This is not the case for you - your goal for the outcome of your decision is ultimately one of hope, replenishment, renewal. Your goal is both healthy and worthwhile, and your course of action could acheive it...

    10 of Wands is before you - ...but it won't be easy. In fact, it'll probably be an uphill battle - a struggle every step of the way. The card implies bearing the culmination of your actions as a burden that must be shouldered. To some extent, this probably means sort of a "trial by fire," but try to remember it's not a death march - the Star is your goal.

    You are the Knight of Wands - the Knights are "doers." I'd guess this is probably telling you that you need to apply your energy to actually doing what needs to be done. You will probably start to feel better once you're actively applying your decision. It can also indicate needing to focus on yourself, and actively fostering your self-growth. Embody the positive traits of the Knight of Wands, be aware of the negative traits and try to gaurd against them.

    Your current situation / environment is The Tower - it's blowing up in your face. Basically, the explosion can't be avoided - when the sky falls, all you can do is try to find an umbrella. The Tower has a silver lining - the lightning bolt represents the flash of epiphany that is possible. Most people miss it in the midst of the disaster - but for you, since it's happening right now (current situation) and it's not reverse, you have the opportunity to catch it.

    Your hope / fear is the Knight of Swords - this knight is the most visceral of the "doer" knights. You hope to wade in swinging, to jump in there head first. Maybe you sense a fight coming on - if you have to fight, you want to win. Your "sword" is probably your decision, and naturally you want it to be the sharpest possible sword (the most logical, rational, best possible decision.)

    The 10 of Cups is the end - live up to your hopes, adhere to your beliefs and do what you need to do, and you will reap the rewards of peace, tranquility, and happiness - not just for yourself, but for yourself and those around you.

    ^_^ Hope nobody minds me taking a crack at this, and also, hope it helps.


  • Wow - thank you both for your interpretations. Without getting too much into detail, I have been wondering if keeping this baby is the right decision and I have been very conflicted about it, considering everything that has happened since I found out and told the father. With both of your interpretations, the cards truly show what I have been going through. SW - your interpretation hit it right on the head.

    Thank you both SO MUCH!!!!! Love and light...........PJ

  • Hi Paula;

    I cannot belive you are thinking to give up this baby. I think that would be a big mistake and I do not need to ask Tarot for that. A child is always a blessing. Please do not give into temptation to discard this baby because you will be regretting this later.

    Stay strong.

    Ps- your reading shows a happy family and a happy home life in the conclusion. So your card reading is also favoring keeping the baby.

  • You have quite a mix of cards there.

    No cards can or should tell you whether or not to keep a child, and especially not in a reading that is supposedly about the child but is really all about the d-bag. You could be "blocked" because you're trying to make a life-changing decision when you aren't focusing on the life-changing thing that's going on. All you are thinking about is Mr. D.

    The cards indicate that nothing will go right if you don't get this guy out of your life. He broke your heart twice and you're still obsessed with him? The Tower and the Knight of Swords show that he's just going to do it again if you let him.

    Take him out of your equation. Your thinking will clear up and you'll know what to do. You could have a happy 10 of cups looking at you if you can get this right.

    That's how I read the cards regarding this situation.

  • Hi;

    I did your cards in my blog and I did get the same impression- that this man was an obsession. I think getting pregnant was another desperate way to try to make him committ.

    I cannot agree with EmmalineG in saying to get him out of your life now- because he is the father of your baby. He has legal responsibilities- but I do think that slowly slowly you should try to accept that he is not right for you as a life partner.

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