The Captain - Can You Help?

  • Can you tell me more about this relationship? 01/26/67 (me) and 02/10/72 (him)...

    Will it last?

    Am I wasting my time or is this as real / good as it seems to be??



  • As far as possible, the two of you as a couple will choose the path of least resistance. You both know that there are two ways to do things - a hard way and, preferably, an easy way. It isn't that you two in any way avoid responsibilities and problems, for as a pair you are more aware of the dangers of this approach than separately. It's more that your relationship is quite fatalistic about accepting what has to be done, and will try to do it in as pleasant a way as possible. Furthermore, the decisions you two make can be self-assured, swift, and decisive, since you know that by getting the inevitable out of the way early, you will have more time for fun later.

    A love affair between you is often more sensuous than sexual. Pleasure-loving in the extreme, you will enjoy food, massage, art, music, and other such earthly delights, all equally. If you two marry, you will both give great attention to the layout of your home and especially to the colours and fabrics you use to decorate it. Designing your dwelling place can be a delight for you both, although you can expect a lot of heated disagreements along the way due to your differing tastes. The playful side of life is where your relationship works best and any boredom, stress, or repetitive chores and activities can deaden your feelings. Your relationship must challenge your imaginations and give you variety or it will peter out like a firecracker that once burnt, if not passionately, at least brightly. Just remember that pleasure isn't everything - you both have to respect and like each other as well as enjoy each other's company and have fun together.

    Your friend is definitely the marrying kind. It's something he has dreamed about all his life. But he also has secret fears that his marriage will not last, that either his spouse will tire of him or he will tire of her, or that he will fall for and be emotionally enslaved by someone who is not as much in love with him, and will not return his passion or adore him in the way he craves to be adored. So he finds some fault with them to get out of a commitment that doesn't give him what he needs. Undervaluing himself can ruin a relationship just as much as cheating or addictions. Hopefully by this point in time, he is over the teenage romantic stage of love where he used to get mixed up with all the wrong people because of his way of worshipping someone and pretending things about them, rather than relating to them like an adult.

    You Karen are looking for a total, permanent, completely dependable commitment with a partner who will take care of all your material needs while you take care of all his emotional needs, or vice versa. But it's hard for you to trust. Hopefully this guy will have grown past the immature idealistic stage (you'd better make sure he has before you commit yourself) - at least with both of you being Aquarians, you will know to give each other the space and freedom your independent natures require.

  • That Says It All! He's said to me, almost those same things (about what his hopes and fears are for a relationship).. And that's me, exactly....

    I feel as though you've met us : )

    Thanks for being So ON POINT and replying so quickly - I Really appreciate it... This helps clear up a lot for me.

    Thanks Again,

    Karen ~

  • You're very welcome! 🙂

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