Soulmate/twin flame/ future partner or none of the above

  • Hi - I would like some comment on my friendship with someone. We no doubt have a connection at a higher level. I do not make friends very easily at all. Nor do I share things with people (except on line where I don't have to see them everyday in real life). But from the time I met my friend we both had a distinct sense of long time familiarity - like we knew each other and like we had a sort of "psychic" connection. It's as if we knew each other in another life -or as if if we childhood friends thatp played a lot together and were seperated and found each other years later. We are very good friends and tell each other all sorts of stuff and talk to each other about a wide variety fo things and ask each other's advice on various things. He went through a long messy divorce, bankruptcy and near foreclosure. I am still

    in an unofficial separation phase (not legal separation or divorce) because of financial reasons and because - with today's economy I see the devastation it wreaks on both partners and I don't want that for myself or my almost exhusband or our kids. My friend has some sort of girlfriend that has lived with him for several years - he almost never mentions her - except when she

    finds out he has been talking to me and gives him an earful, then I hear about it. Otherwise she is a shadow in the background. We never do things together - like have dinner or play scrabble and I can never go to his house because of her - she seems horribly controlling and jealous -

    My question - for anyone who would look into this for me - are we - my friend and I - soul mates or twin flames. I am wondering why the universe allowed us to meet. I feel there is a purpose. Perhaps we were just meant to help each other through tough emotional times. Perhaps we are meant to be business partners. Perhaps we are meant to be more. WE go through periods where he will talk to me a lot for a couple of months. Then he sort of cools off for a few months and does not return my phone calls - sometimes he just gets busy. Other times I think he might be afraid he is getting too close to me. I don't know. I really really like him. He told me one that he really really liked me also, but he was in a relationship right now and it was just bad timing. I dream about him a lot and sometimes I have "waking dreams where I am having these conversations with him and they seem real but then I "wake up" and realize that there is no one there or I am not on the phone. I have this distinct feeling that he may have called his GF by my name or talked in his sleep - I am not sure - I just have this feeling. Nothing physical has ever happened between us, but sometimes, on the rare occassionas when we do get into close proximity we lock gazes and its like we can see right into each other.

    His bd is November 16,1965. My BD is March 14, 1958. (4:21 Am Texas) Any words of wisdom or foresite would be much appreciated.

  • According to astrology, this relationship works better as a friendship than a love match. You are two very different personalities - your friend being more attentive to detail and wanting to control events unfolding around him, while you TD are much more accepting and diffuse, rolling with the punches and being flexible when confronted by the 'blows of fate'. Differences like these can lead the two of you into polemical attacks on each other in almost any area of life - should you see each other too often - causing endless discussion and confrontations. But they can also give your relationship an edge, a stimulus without which things could get pretty dull. On the whole though, sensuous, easy and relaxed feelings should be typical here most of the time (unless there is a deeper involvement). Thus, the relationship is characterized by a sharply divided mental orientation and a unified and comfortable emotional state. You do both agree on the subject of money, however - the more, the better - and have a shared fear of being poor and having nothing or being financially dependent on someone. You both may have gotten involved at some point with other people for security reasons.

    Your intense friend will bring out your more realistic side, and a love affair here, though romantic, will always be fairly well grounded. Your sexual contacts will tend to be more sensual than passionate, more pleasurable and long-lasting than agonising and tumultuous (which might not be enough to please your highly sexed partner for long). You may not be his only sexual partner. He can be very secretive about his life and feelings too and this will frustrate you and make you wonder what he gets up to when he is not with you. He will hide his jealousy and possessive streak until you are fully under his charming spell, then unleash it when you least expect it. A Pisces is usually ill equipped to handle the power and dominance of a Scorpio partner, even if he seems rather mild on the outside. The great differences in your two outlooks must make you seriously pause to weigh up the pros and cons before deciding to deepen your involvement. And certainly nothing should be considered before both of you are completely free of any commitment to anyone else.

  • And no, this relationship is usually bad for working together.

  • OOOhh that sounds rather complicated. Thanks captain - maybe I am better off just being his phone pal. Sounds like things could be rather difficult. I am ware of the secrecy aspect of Scorpios and he does have his secerts - I do too but I tend to be rather honest to a fault and I do not like hidden agendas. So that pretty much sums it up. He has been a good friend though - so maybe that's what is meant to be. 🙂

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