AstraAngel, another dream last night

  • You've so well with dream interpretation. Could you do this one? Thanks so much.

    Last night’s dream was strangely about my ex-hubby of over 20 yrs. Why he entered my dream land, I just don’t understand because I haven’t thought about him for many years. But the dream I was the one who went to his house with a friend when no one was home. We brought food, cooked and ate. But before we had the chance to clean up he arrived with his family. We ran to the basement and halfway down the garage door opened and there he was. He recognized me immediately and very surprised but not angry. I kept quiet but saw what household he had. A woman in red went up and he followed her. They kissed (a quick one) and so I thought she must be the wife. Then he came down and we talked. He had lots of questions that I simply quietly listened to. Then he offered to give me some money if I need it to my surprise because it wasn’t why I went there for. He also said if I need more, his wife could withdraw from the bank and give it to me. At that moment a little boy approached us and sat next to me and gradually moved closer and eventually sat on my lap. Then an older boy joined us and he also came close to me and hugged me. They seem to be my ex’s children. I reminded him that the no children rule was the primary problem, so why the children now? He kept quiet. Women showed up who appear to be temporarily living in the basement. It seems that they are charity guests of the wife. They were all nice people. Then, I wanted to go but the problem is that I parked my car in a private garage separate from the regular garage. He did not know but eventually sensed the problem when he offered to drive me and my bff to the city. Being a muslim, the practice seems to be that anything belonging to exes should not enter the abode. I hesitated, even considered to leave my car there and leave it up to providence for him to find it later. He was so kind that I didn’t want to upset him. I have no desire to get back with him romantically. On the other hand he was curious about the idea, although I thought he should stay where he is. The dream ends with him driving his car our of the garage to give a lift and at that point I decided to get my car and drove it next to his. My car was in very good shape. His was running but beat up. We looked at each other as I was ready to drive away as he was stunned that my car came out of one of his garages. I felt sorry but didn’t know his culture.

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